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The Kerse Who Saved Christmas by Kathy L Wheeler

Gaming Heil Christmas: Volume Two
The Kerse Who Saved Christmas
by Kathy L Wheeler

Book Blurb:

Kerse: He, of the no nonsense approach, is stymied by She, a woman considered long past prime marriageability who needs a keeper more than he requires a wife. Yet the dreamy-eyed, impractical, and much too optimistic Philomena still manages to steal his heart despite her unrealistic beliefs and trust in fortune tellers.


Of course, no lady’s maid trailed her. The woman needed a keeper. Didn’t she realize how dangerous it was for a woman? Out and about, alone? 

Someone needed to inform her, and it appeared he was the only one about. He started in her direction, but a tow-headed tyke darted out and beat him to her, snipping the reticule right off her arm and was off like a musket ball.  

Her stunned gaze jarred Kerse into action. 

The miscreant, who couldn’t have been more than twelve, proved agile and swift as a… a thief running for the Thames, and in broad daylight.  

Kerse was on him. He swept out an arm and the urchin ducked, simultaneously tossing Lady Philomena’s reticule several feet away and its contents scattering. 

The wind picked up and Kerse dove for a piece of cardstock, then went down on his knee to gather the rest of her belongings. A tablet of paper with feminine scribblings, a small pouch of coins, a stick of graphite, a lace handkerchief marked with graphite, and a book titled The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne. A horrid novel? He should have suspected. His eyes rolled skyward, and he stuffed everything back in her now soiled reticule, still holding the card, and glanced down. Then paused. Girls of Wite? Wearing white?  

What was this nonsense? And who the devil was Lady X?  

Shaking his head, he noted a tea to be held three days before Christmas at the La Sous Rose, then hurriedly stuffed the invitation in as well and strode back down the street meeting Lady Phil halfway. 

“Did you—oh, thank heavens,” she gushed. “You were able to—oh…” Her voice trailed off in dejected disappointment. “It’s ruined.” She pawed through the clipped opening.  

“I’m afraid so,” he said, surprised by the regret welling through him that he had failed her. “I’m pleased to report your coin pouch is intact.” 

Then her smile lit up the gray day, showcasing the dimple in her left cheek. An engaging vision he found himself fantasizing many times over in the depths of night in his lonely bed. “More importantly,” she went on, “you saved my tablet and book, my lord. Your effort was valiant, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I don’t know how to thank you, sir.” 

Plenty of ideas filled his head of his too-celibate state. Unfortunately, none of which could be shared on a public street. Her smile was so guileless, so innocent, he had to still the uneasy softening of the band across his chest. “Where is your maid, my lady? It is quite inappropriate for you to be unaccompanied,” he said more harshly than he’d intended. 


Gaming Hell Christmas Volume 2 is the second steamy Georgian Romance Anthology. Available everywhere! 

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Author Bio: 

Kathy L Wheeler loves the NFL, NBA, musical theater, travel, reading, writing, and … karaoke! 

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