Friday, March 24, 2023


 By Caroline Clemmons

Having a book listed for preorder is sort of like being pregnant—you're eager because you know it’s coming soon, but it’s not quite time to deliver.

On April 21, LEVI  AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, book 4, Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides, is a sweet historical western romance that will be released in e-boo and print and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I’m so excited about this book. In this story, the heroine, Maeve Kelly, refuses to marry the man who’s sent for her.  Oh, you wouldn’t marry him either, believe me! Her refusal sets off a chain of events that makes for a grand adventure and love story.

Maeve is originally from Ireland, but has been living with her sister, Aine Sullivan, and Aine’s family in New York City. I don’t know how much you know about the reception of the Irish in New York, Boston, and other places in that area, but the Irish were villified. Back in Ireland, It was illegal for the Irish to attend school and against the law for anyone to educate them. Secret “hedge schools” existed, but most couldn’t attend them. Fortunately for Maeve and Aine, their great uncle taught them in his home. Maeve especially loved learning, but her great uncle’s death and her dear mother’s illness put an end to her education.

Levi Iverson is the town blacksmith. In 1876 and even into the early 1900s, the blacksmith was an extremely important occupation. They’re still important, but not to the degree they were then. Combine today’s auto mechanic, tire company, farrier, and general repairman to get an idea of the blacksmith’s importance. Levi also owns the gun repair shop and the livery stable—and he’s been buying up real estate. He’s an important man in Harrigan Springs.

Preorder your copy today of LEVI AND THE MAIL ORFER BRIDE. On April 21, your e-book will pop into your e-reader.

Stay safe and keep reading!

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