Friday, September 15, 2023


By Caroline Clemmons

This is my birthday weekend, or as it's known here, the Annual Celebration of My 39th Birthday.  I’m offering books on sale for you to celebrate with me. The four full-length Men of Stone Mountain (Texas) Series books are reduced to only 99 cents from September 15 – 20th. I’m biased, but I love this series. I won’t tell you which of the brothers is my favorite, but he has a scar on his face. Micah, Zach, and Joel Stone are strong, honest, and courageous brothers who are also best friends. They are the last members of their family—except for two aunts. Though not related to the Stone family, Butch Parrish served as deputy for Joel and is now the sheriff.

Each heroine is her own person and tries to solve her own problems. Hope Montoya is strong and unspoiled by her family’s wealth. She deduces she’s being poisoned by someone who lives in her home. She comes up with a plan to save her life and her ranch. Mary Alice Price has grown up isolated on a small ranch, miles from town. In fact, she had no memory of town until her mother’s illness required medical attention. Unfortunately, her mother died and now her stepfather is dying. She lives in fear of her two stepbrothers and what they’ll do when their father passes. Rosalyn Vandagriff faces hanging, accused of her husband’s murder. She receives no help or encouragement from her parents. Kendra Murdoch is determined to save her sister’s children from their father, who killed their mother. That is if they don’t starve in the meantime.

Usually, I don’t base characters on real people, but I confess the Stone brothers’ aunts are based on my mom and her sister.  Reading their part in the stories makes me happy—it brings up fond memories of my mom and aunt. Maggie Jo Gamble, slim, energetic, is patterned after my mom. Like my mom, she would do anything for her family. Plump, optimistic Lizzie Mae Fraser is similar to my Aunt Elizabeth and she, too, would do anything for her family. They both appear in the entire series, but are most present in the first three books.  

Here are the books on sale:

– Who is poisoning Hope Montoya and why? She can think of only one way to save herself—if Micah Stone will agree.


HIGH STAKES BRIDE – Zach Stone is fed up with women when he learns his mail order bride has married someone she met on the trip. Mary Alice Price is desperate to escape her two step brothers, who have promised her to the meanest man in Texas to settle a gambling debt.



BLUEBONNET BRIDE - Rosalyn Vandagriff has no hope of escaping the hangman’s noose, even though she is innocent. When a tornado sweeps through the town, she escapes with her daughter and goes west until she’s sure she’s at the end of the Earth. Married to Joel Stone, she hopes she’s safe. But someone recognizes her.

– Kendra Murdoch has been staying with her sister and the brother in law she despises. When she learns he’s beaten her sister to death, she’s determined to protect her sister's sweet children. But how without a horse or supplies? Help comes when a wounded lawman lands—literally—on the doorstep. 

Stay safe and keep reading!

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