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A Bride for Dalton: The Proxy Brides Book 25 by Caroline Clemmons

A Bride for Dalton:  The Proxy Brides Book 25
by Caroline Clemmons

Book Blurb:

Rebecca wants a husband but not the man her stepbrother insists she wed. To escape his threats she turns to a family friend for help. Reverend McClain suggests she enter a proxy marriage to his only living relative, a nephew who ranches in Montana. Out of options, she agrees. Until she arrives in Sweet Springs, she has no idea the telegram with instructions to her supposed groom has not been delivered. Where does that leave her?

Dalton is working with dangerous men to accomplish his goal. The last thing he needs at this time is a wife in the way. He is a gentleman and sees no other solution than to complete the vows. How is he going to keep her out of harm’s way while he completes this job?

Rebecca and Dalton embark on married life in unusual circumstances. Can love blossom in tumultuous times?

Notes on Proxy Brides:

Can you imagine marrying someone sight unseen?  While that is common in many cultures, it was driven by desperation in most cases here.  In the East, a generation of young men had been killed in the Civil War.  There were more women than marriageable men.  In the West, there were many more men than marriageable women.  Mail-order brides became common.  The advantage of a proxy marriage was that the woman was considered married and could travel alone without damage to her reputation.  The disadvantage is that if the man and woman did not suited when they met, they were stuck with one another.  I have read diaries and other writings by mail-order brides and sometimes it was horrible, but it mostly worked out.  I suppose that is true of most marriages.  In January, Hero and I will have been married 60 years.  I hope you enjoy A Bride for Dalton.


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