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By Caroline Clemmons

My husband, Hero, once asked me what I stared at when I Iooked out the window each day after meals. I was startled, because I wasn’t looking AT anything. I was thinking of my current work in progress. Perhaps you’ve heard, “The insane sit and stare at nothing for hours. Authors do pretty much the same thing.”

When I planned the historical western romance series, Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides, many of the characters were alive in my mind. The layout of the town of Harrigan Springs was as clear to me as if I’d visited friends there in person. I love sharing these imaginary friends with reader friends.

The series began with a rancher, Gentry McRae. He was furious when he learned he’d inherited a bride, Heidi Roth. Heidi was willed to Gentry by his partner who died a few days before she arrived from Bavaria. Events kept Gentry and those on his ranch dealing with one obstacle after another.


Book 2 introduced Scotsman now Sheriff Jesse Cameron and his mail order bride, Rosalin Arnold. Accompanying Rosalin was Maybell Singer, the mail order bride for Chief Deputy Zan Crain, and an eight year old orphan, Henry Bertram. The two brides brought trouble with them, but Jesse was up to the challenge.


Book 3 began with another rancher, charming womanizer and gambler, Quinn McRae. He received a mail order bride sent for by his sisters-in-law. They hoped a good woman would help Quinn settle down and stick to ranching. Priscilla Bradford is exceedingly proper, and is a descendant of William Bradford, who came to America on the Mayflower. Quinn has a terrible secret that haunts him constantly.


Book 4 is about Levi Iverson, blacksmith and entrepreneur, and the woman he rescues, Maeve Kelly. Maeve, an Irish immigrant, arrived in Harrigan Springs and discovered the man who sent for her planned to share her with his two brothers.


Book 5 related the story of Keith Martin, owner of the bank. Elliana Barrington is escaping a dangerous situation in Evansville. She brings wealth as well as trouble. Keith has a secret he hopes will never be disclosed publicly.

**We had a weird thing happen. The unedited file was accidentally uploaded to Amazon. I apologize if you received that e-book! The edited file has now replaced the incorrect version.


This brings us to Book 6, the one I’m currently writing. It features Sidney Garton, owner of Garton’s Mercantile. I'll save the cover reveal for another time. Sid’s bride is Genevieve Fournier from New Orleans. Genevieve is from a French family. That is, they consider themselves French, even though they have been in New Orleans for several generations. Sid asked for a helpmate to manage the meals and household as well as help out in the store. Socialite Genevieve is about to be a big disappointment to Sid—but her beauty may soften his reaction when he learns she can’t do anything practical.

Book 7 is plotted, but I’ll save that information for later.  


I hope you’ll read all of this series. I’m proud of the books and I believe you’ll enjoy them. Each stands alone. As with any series, I believe they’re more enjoyable when read in order. Each is available in e-book and in print, and each is enrolled in KU.


Stay safe and keep reading! 

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