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Cole Richards has an Idaho ranch that’s in danger because two miners are sluicing off the water his cattle need. Bosco Kunkle, Cole’s friend and right hand man, may be a quite a few pennies short of a dollar, but he’s loyal to Cole and only wants to help. Bosco thought if he took the money the bank intended to loan the miners, then the miners would stop bothering Cole’s water. When Cole realizes what his friend is up to, he rushes in to the bank and pulls Bosco out. Unfortunately, bank teller Ivy Gardner shoots Cole in the leg as the two men leave.

Daisy Gardner (Oops, notice the similarity in last name to that of the bank teller? Yes, they're sisters.) is a twenty-two-year old spinster who wants to be a female detective just like Honey Bileau in the dime novels Daisy reads faithfully. Daisy has talked the town council into hiring a marshal and he’s due any day. Daisy's parents believe it's high time she got married, and they have several prospects to suggest. None suit Daisy. She has no plan to sequester herself on some ranch or farm. Daisy plans to marry the new marshal so she can stay in town and pursue her career as a detective. Of course, she hasn't informed anyone of this except her best friend.

Daisy has had a wire that Sidney Adler is on his way, but has been delayed by a wound to his leg. When Bosco brings the unconscious Cole to Dr. Mabry for treatment, Oreana citizens assume that tall, ruggedly handsome Cole is their new marshal. But wait, there are more marshals showing up, and this fast-paced, laugh-out-loud comedy keeps readers turning the page until the last line is read.

Jacquie Rogers, Author
Jacquie Rogers has penned a wonderful historical western romance set in late 1800’s Idaho. Ms. Rogers is a gifted author. Her subplots are superb, and her cast of characters are spot on character studies. In fact, she creates characters so fully formed you believe they are real people. I would never give away the ending, but I will simply say do yourself a favor and read this book! It’s one of the best I’ve read in a while. I could not stop reading--or smiling--once I started this book. She tied up all the threads except one, and I think that might be her next book. It’s easily a 5 Star read. Even better, right now this book is available from Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents.

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Unknown said...

This sounds like a really fun read. Thanks for the review!

Jacquie Rogers said...

Caroline, thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'll be shouting from the rooftops about this one. :) I'm soooo glad you enjoyed the book, especially since you're such a talented author yourself.

Jacquie Rogers said...

Shirley, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Let me know how you like the book. Happy reading!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Jacquie, I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait to read one with Ivy as the heroine.

Anonymous said...

What a review. I cannot wait for the print release. I thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Rogers' prior release Down Home Ever Lovin Mule Blues.