Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If you read the post on Monday, September 26th, you are familiar with author Ann Charles. Here's my review of her book, NEARLY DEPARTED IN DEADWOOD.

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Violet Lynn Parker is a single mother of twins and living with her Aunt Zoe in Deadwood, South Dakota. Strictly for the time being, Violet works as an agent at Calamity Jane Realty, but her probation period is almost up and she hasn’t made a sale. Not one. Zip. Nada. An odious coworker’s nephew is breathing down her neck with qualifications far superior to Violet’s. For one, he’s made actual sales--lots of sales--in a nearby city, but he wants to relocate to Deadwood.

Posters about a missing girl catch Violet’s interest. The girl in the poster is a ringer for Violet’s own daughter Addy. Worrying about the resemblance starts Violet researching the kidnappings.

Violet is suddenly over run with male clients. Wolfgang Hessler has a huge old home he wants to sell, but it’s in horrendous condition. Dane “Doc” Nyce has just rented the office next door to the real estate agency, and he wants to buy a home. Old Man Harvey has a home he wants to sell, and he also wants to buy a home in town. Jeff, father to Addy’s friend Kelly, has to sell his home to split proceeds with his departing wife. But none of this counts toward keeping her job unless she brings in a signed sale contract soon! 

While Addy is matchmaking for her mom, fraternal twin brother Layne insists he’s the only man their house needs. With another girl almost kidnapped, Violet’s job headed down the toilet, and too many men to juggle, her nerves are frazzled. On top of that, Violet has a secret admirer who sends her bouquets of daisies accompanied by creepy poems. Will she be forced to pack up the twins, return to Rapid City, and live with her parents again? Is Addy targeted by the serial killer? Will Violet sell a home in time to keep her job?

Ann Charles has masterfully written a fun, quirky mystery with a dollop of romance. Ms Charles’ cozy mystery is sure to keep readers turning the pages to the conclusion. Her second book of the Deadwood series, OPTICAL DELUSIONS IN DEADWOOD, is also available. Both Deadwood books are available in print and e-book, and NEARLY DEPARTED IN DEADWOOD is currently available for only 99 cents for the e-book version. Treat yourself to this fun read.

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Amber Scott Books said...

I love, love, LOVE this book. Harvey, Vi's sidekick, completely cracks me up.
And don't even get me started about Doc.

Ann Charles said...

Thank you for your support today (Bestseller for a Day), Caroline. I appreciate you helping to tell the world about Violet and crew. It's a fun series to write.

Take care,