Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Surprise! I’m not plugging one of my books today. Nope. Today, I’m sharing my news with my blog readers first before I announce it elsewhere. Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that I will be giving away a Kindle Fire 3G on December 15th to one of the subscribers to my newsletter. Yes, just in time for either Christmas giving or as a great way for the recipient to enjoy reading over the holidays and forward. The sign up form is down on the sidebar, below the book covers, below the Bible verse, in the white square containing most of my book covers. Just click on it, and you'll see the sign-up form.

Me, hibernating in my pink cave to write.
Most authors lead a lonely writing life. We can wear whatever we wish to write. That's great. No coworkers to distract us or cause problems. ☺ That is both good and bad. We need contact with the real world to ground us. Readers and their reviews and comments keep us in touch. That’s why I want to repay my readers with a gift. Sorry I can’t give each of you something. At least I can give one of you a Kindle Fire 3G to show how much I appreciate readers. You are the spark that fires my writing!

As a technophobe, I wasn’t certain I wanted all the gadgets the Fire includes--in fact, I wasn’t even certain what those features were. I adored my earlier Kindle with the little keyboard and still do. I thought all I wanted to do was read ebooks. Surely that was all I needed, right? Then Hero gave me a Kindle Fire 3G and I couldn’t hurt his feelings by not using it. Guess what? I love it! Maybe I don’t actually NEED all the other features added to the Fire, but I love them. Why did I resist?

The Fire has color, so a child would like viewing children’s books on the screen. If you have Wi-Fi, which we do, capabilities include email and the internet. My friend who showed me her Kindle Fire had houseguests who usurped her computer and laptop, so she sent email from her Kindle Fire. Another time, before she had a laptop, her PC was on the fritz and she emailed from her Kindle Fire to let us know. Amazing, I can also post to Facebook or Twitter from my Fire, or watch YouTube or movies.

When I was in college at Texas Tech way back in the olden days, I remember the computers I used in a programming class. The fact that this KindleFire has more memory than those huge computers boggles my mind. Thank goodness the Fire is light and can slip right into my purse - even though I have several hundred books on it. One of my friends who downsized her to a smaller home has given away all her paper books except a few research and keepers. Think of all the additional space in her home. I'm not sure I can part with my favorite books, of which we have hundreds, but I am certainly limiting the new paper books I acquire.

Back to business. Here on the sidebar of my blog, you will find a square to click to sign up for my newsletter. Don’t think I’ll bombard you with email. Nope, only when I have a new release, a contest, or major news. Hero sometimes helps me with promotion, but no one but Hero or I will ever see your email or name, and neither of us will tell. Promise.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up.

I’m pleased to announce that Amy won Charlene Raddon’s giveaway on the Monday-Tuesday blog. Over at my post on Charlene’s blog, Ruby won my book. Congratulations, ladies! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Thanks to each of you who stopped by to read or read and comment. I appreciate you showing up.

Thanks for stopping by!


katsrus said...

That is an awesome giveaway Caroline. Someone is going to have an extra nice Christmas.
Sue B

rojo13864 said...

I'm loving the Oregon stories and all the Your awesome.

Elaine Stock said...

Although I'm not a subscriber I often visit, so don't worry about me and the contest... just wanted to say that your contest reflects who you are: a very generous, lovely and thoughtful woman :)

P.L. Parker said...

WOW Caroline - what a terrific prize!

Martha Lawson said...

Thanks for the terrific giveaway! My granddaughter would love this.