Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Welcome. This is a small blog hop to raise money for pet charities. For every comment, I will donate $2 to our local rescue group, Parker Paws Now, it’s all about our dog.

We adopted our sweet ShihTzu, Webster, from the ShihTzu-Llasa Apso Rescue Society. We don’t know how old Webster is, but the rescue people thought he was about three when we adopted him. He was found at the ER drive of a human hospital, severely wounded from an attack by a large dog. In fact, he was so injured that he was almost put down. That would have been a terrible shame, because he is such a sweet, loving, and obedient little guy.

Webster the Amazing Wonder Dog
When We First Adopted Him

ShihTzus are mostly one-person dogs, although he appears to consider both Hero and me his people. He was supposed to be mine, but he immediately bonded with Hero. I mean, Webster adores the man. (So do I, of course.) Webster also enjoys Darling Daughter 2. She sometimes brings her small dog for play dates with Webster. But Darling Daughter 1 has large dogs, so Webster does not enjoy her visits. He's afraid of large dogs, which, considering the injury that almost cost his life, is understandable.

Webster is happiest when he is in bed with Hero and me so he can snooze between our feet or against one of us. One funny thing he does is talk in his sleep. Yes, he sometimes yips, but he also mutters. His mutterings sound almost like words. It's as if in his sleep, he is having a conversation in human form.  He also makes theses same sounds for Darling Daughter 2 when she pets him, but not for anyone else. 

Webster hates riding in the car, but tolerates it to humor us. Unless there is bad weather, and then I have to hold him. He doesn’t mind storms at home, so it must just be the sound of rain on the metal car that terrifies him. We purchased him a fancy shmancy car dog bed because we thought his dislike of the car might be that he gets car sick. We read that if dogs can see out, they don’t get car sick. Nope, that’s not it. He prefers to ride on the seat if he has to be in the car. But he gives us that "Do I have to?" look.

When we’re at home, Webster barks once if someone comes to the door. If we are traveling, though, he doesn’t bark inside the hotel room. He was very well trained when we adopted him. I’m sure someone was extremely sorry to lose him. He is so friendly, that if a gate was left open, he would just trot off to investigate, so we suspect something like that happened. Who knows? We’re just happy he’s part of our family now.

A few cautionary words to pet owners:
Have your pet chipped.
Don’t your pet them run loose.
Don’t tie or chain a pet in your yard.
Make sure pets are inside in hot or cold weather.
Make sure there is plenty of water and shelter when they are outside.     

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Unknown said...

Caroline, Webster is absolutely adorable. You, Hero, and he evidently were meant to find each other. Bless you for supporting a local rescue group. So many dogs and cats never find hearts to inhabit, which saddens me. I'd adopt them all if I could ... but I'm afraid my two canine overlords might have a cow about that. ;-)

HUGS to you and Webster!

Unknown said...

Webster is adorable! Its so amazing that he found a wonderful home after such an aweful experience :-)

Anonymous said...

Webster is darling, so glad you found each other!


Anonymous said...

So glad you were there to rescue Webster. What a sweetheart. Thanks for participating, sharing Webster's story and donating.

Beth Trissel said...

What a darling dog, and super blog idea. Three of our four dogs are rescues. The fourth was rescued from a pet store, which I have never done before, but the store said a family brought in an 'oops' litter and that they don't offer puppies from mills.
Sadie is a mix of several things and a cute little dog.

ELF said...

What a sweet looking guy, kudos to you for rescuing him and also for your efforts to raise money for the charity fundraiser.

Marin Thomas said...

Caroline...bless you for helping out pet rescue programs! Webster is a cutie and he's lucky to have you and hubby :-)

Unknown said...

What a cutie!! I love rescues. Those are the best kind!

Mike77 said...

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