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OUT OF THE DARK, by Geri Foster, is a fast paced, sexy, action adventure, romantic suspense available in print or e-book.  From the first page, readers are riveted to the story and can’t stop reading until the last sentence. I enthusiastically give it 5 of 5 stars!

To prove how much I love this book, I'll be giving away an OUT OF THE DARK e-book to someone who comments on this post.

Emily Richards is a mediation attorney who at times works for Falcon Securities. Her current assignment for Stromberg Chemicals has taken her to Moscow, and exhausting negotiations have just ended. Emily looks forward to returning home and a vacation at a peaceful Belize beach with her best friend, Brenda.

While in Moscow, Emily has tested an invention for her former fianc√©, Stanley. The device is a camera built into a contact lens remotely controlled by a pen-like device. Her last night in Moscow, she strolls around and takes random photos in various light to complete Stanley’s test.

When Emily returns to her hotel room, John “Mac” McKinsey is there. His mission for Falcon Securities has gone wrong and he is stranded while assassins search for him. Against her better judgment, Emily is persuaded by the head of Falcon Securities to let Mac hitch a ride to London on the Stromberg Chemicals private plane. After all, since Falcon Securities works directly for the President of the United States, so who is she to fight that connection?

Emily fights her attraction to Mac. She’s worked with him before at Falcon's Dallas, Texas corporate office, but always he’d been in a suit and tie. Now he’s in jeans and a tee shirt and looks even more ruggedly handsome. 

Mac notices that Emily no longer wears an engagement ring and figures any guy who let her get away is too dumb to live. Mac's interested, but she fits in the house-with-a-picket-fence-and-kids. He doesn't see himself in that picture. 

There’s a lot of chemistry going on between them, but neither sees it going anywhere permanent.

Before they can leave, armed men invade her hotel room. Mac shoots the men and hurries Emily down the staircase and out. Emily is forced to depend on Mac to escape whoever is trailing them. Each time Emily thinks they are finally safe, another frightening incident occurs. Her anger with Mac for entangling her in a life or death struggle quickly turns to fear when the men pursuing them call her by name. How would they know who she is?

Mac and Emily are caught in a tumultuous race to escape with their lives and capture a crazed bomber and a vindictive drug lord. Facing their attraction is almost as frightening as the villains. Mac can’t conceive of any other life than his, and he knows love never lasts. Emily wants a calm, normal life with a husband who comes home each evening and is with her all weekend, not someone who risks his life on each assignment.

But living apart offers no peace. Can they tear down their own emotional walls and admit love is the most precious thing in life?

I have to admit up front that Geri Foster is a long time friend and one of my three wonderful critique partners. That’s why I am so pleased her first two books are released and have been so well received. Geri is a terrific author who is also a supportive and encouraging friend. But here’s the point of this disclaimer: Even if I’d never met or heard of Geri Foster, I would still love OUT OF THE DARK.

As one of Geri’s critique partners, I know the struggles she endured writing a book that is so fast-paced it leaves the reader breathless yet immensely satisfied with the action, the romance, the relationship, and the outcome. Once she latched on to this plot, she did not back away. Even when the FBI came to her home to ask why she had been researching “how to make a bomb” and “White House floor plan” at the same time.

I’m so happy with this Falcon series. In addition to OUT OF THE DARK, OUT OF THE SHADOWS is now available. These truly are stand alone and don't need to be read in any particular order. Geri plans more stand-alone books in her Falcon Securities series next year, and I can hardly wait for each one. 

You can find OUT OF THE DARK here:

 Geri Foster

Award winning author Geri Foster and her husband and their dog Lola live in the Fort Worth area. Geri is President of the Yellow Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America and active in Dallas Area Romance Authors. For more information, check out her website at, Facebook and Twitter, and her personal blog. She blogs on the 20th of each month at

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Anonymous said...

Caroline, thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your endorsement for OUT OF THE DARK.
Just an update, OUT OF THE NIGHT(third Falcon book) will be out later this month.

Thanks again Caroline! Gee, I wish I could write as good as you. :)

Thanks Geri

Anonymous said...

Caroline, thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your endorsement for OUT OF THE DARK.
Just an update, OUT OF THE NIGHT(third Falcon book) will be out later this month.

Thanks again Caroline! Gee, I wish I could write as good as you. :)

Thanks Geri

Denyse Cohen said...

The book sounds great!

Michael12lv said...
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