Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Just in time for Valentine’s Day reading—here is my boxed set HEARTS AND FLOWERS. The set contains three western historical romance novellas already for sale, but readers get one free by buying the boxed set. Three for the price of two—win/win.

You know I love writing and my readers. Boxing these three novellas to give readers a bonus is my way of saying thanks for your loyalty in buying my books. I appreciate and adore each of you for making me an Amazon bestselling author of western historical romance.

Here are the three in HEARTS AND FLOWERS:

SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME is one of my favorite of my works. Probably the reason is that the heroine’s mom is named for my own mother, Lena Mae Phifer. The heroine is named for my mom’s sister, Elizabeth Margaret Phifer. Although my aunt was never called Beth, she is in this novella. The handsome hero, Matt, has to unravel mysteries, stop a murder, and recover kidnap victims. Of course, the lovely heroine does her share. This novella is sensual.

HAPPY IS THE BRIDE is a hectic tale of a wedding in which whatever can go wrong does. But Beth Pendleton and Mason Whittaker become married and found their own family. I thought of this story as sweet until a stuffy review accusing me of writing . . . well, never mind. It is sensual, especially the epilogue.  No one is murdered, no one is kidnapped, no crimes occur—at least not actual crimes. A few things deserve a slap or two from our heroine, but all ends well.

LONG WAY HOME is set in Georgia near the end of the Civil War. Parmelia Bailey is left in charge of her extended family while the men are off at War. That includes her brother’s fiancé and her family, who must be rescued from approaching fighting. Parmelia risks a lot to bring the Hardeman women to stay at her grandmother’s home. Darrick McDonald, Parmelia’s true love who moved away, has returned wearing  Union blue. This is the only time I have set an entire story outside Texas. 

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Love that field of blue flowers in your back grounds, remind of a spring/summer western prairie. The boxed set looks good and is a definite buy for me. :)