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Each of us has projects in which we participate—whether it’s a business, civic committee, PTA, church group, or other. I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in four of Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Kindle World releases. I enjoy participating in this Kindle World and already have what I believe is a great title for the July release.

Here are March’s releases (in author’s alphabetical order):

BAILING WIRE PROMISES by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Healer Fantine Pomeroy and five children, aged five to eleven years, are the only survivors of an orphanage fire. She vows to transport them safely to another orphanage, and then she can return to her music studies. But she soon discovers the task may be more than she can handle.

Bounty hunter Pete Andrews is beaten after delivering his last bounty. Unsure if robbery or retaliation is the motive, he sets out to lay low and make a visit to his brother in Morgan’s Crossing. Unable to leave them on their own, he promises to get the woman and children safely to the next town. When he suspects his old life has followed him and threatens the group who has become dear, he vows to protect them. But, will that be enough?

BRIDE’S ADVENTURE by Caroline Clemmons

After a distressing visit to her brother in Oregon, Amelia Douglas returns to her friends in Sweetwater Springs, Montana Territory. The millinery shop she establishes is popular with area women—except for two troublemakers. When she believes her life is near perfect, a major problem arrives that requires her quick thinking.

Sean Murdoch has made up his mind that Amelia is the one for him. He tries to bide his time until she’s had time to get her business flourishing but he’s finding waiting harder and harder. When trouble arises, he lends his support to her decision.

ELOF’S MISSION by Linda Hubalek

This is a sweet historical romance set in 1886 in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Series Kindle World. Although this book stands alone, its storyline follows after NOLAN’S VOW.

Elof Lundahl, a former Fort Ellis soldier and friend of Nolan and Holly Clancy, delivers a grave marker to a Montana cemetery for Holly’s father’s grave. After this task, he plans to travel to Kansas to start a new life near friends.

Linnea Meyer, a Swedish mail-order bride, is at the same cemetery burying her husband of eight days. Now homeless, Linnea and Jamie, her six-year-old stepson, accept Elof’s offer to travel with him to Kansas.

Elof falls in love with the widow and child, but he needs a job and home before he can offer them anything. Then Jamie’s grandparents arrive unannounced, changing all three of their lives.

This is the second story in the Kindle World/Grooms With Honor series, so be sure to read the first book, NOLAN’S VOW, also. Then follow the series with ANGUS’ TRUST in July.


Catherine Winchester chose following the family business over saying yes to Carl Adam's proposal. Now it's a year later and she desperately wants to renew the relationship. Can she find him? And if she does, can he forgive her and do his part to build a bridge from their broken past to a bright new future?

In addition to the characters Linda Carroll-Bradd, Linda Hubalek, Judy Pennell, and I contribute, readers will find Debra Holland's characters play parts in our books.

Thank you to readers who made MURDOCH'S BRIDE an amazon bestseller! I hope you will enjoy seeing Amelia Douglas and the Murdoch family again in BRIDE'S ADVENTURE in Sweetwater Springs, Montana Territory in 1887.

Let each of us know what you think of these four releases. If you enjoyed them, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. If you didn't like them, remember what your grandmother taught you. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Now that you mention it, it was my grandmother who taught me that, but I'll bet your mom and/or grandmother said the same thing to you.

Happy Reading!

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