Wednesday, July 18, 2018


For this new release and 99 cent sale we want to reward those who share this book with others. 

If you can help us promote this book & 1 day 99 cent sale on Wednesday, July 18th you can enter to win gift cards.

There is a Rafflecopter set up with different ways you can share this book to enter the giveaway:

You can do something as simple as liking and commenting on an instagram post or tweeting... 
There is even an option for being creative and coming up with your own idea. 

Here is the book cover:

And the book summary:

A vivacious sports agent loses her memory and her safe, perfectly-planned life. The only hope is a tough security specialist who for some reason she’s never allowed herself to fall for.

Claire Tucker is a feisty and successful sports agent. When she wakes up with amnesia she has to rely on a handsome security specialist, which doesn't seem too bad ... until she learns she's known him for years and has repeatedly rejected his date offers. When Brig proves irresistible to her, she realizes she needs to guard her heart until she gets some answers or her past will catch up to her.

Brig Hunsaker has everything he needs, except the sassy lady he’s had a crush on for years. When Claire is injured, and the hospital staff believe he’s her fianc√©, he finally gets the chance to protect her and prove he’s worth taking a chance on.

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