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Never Again
Dangerous Secrets Book 0.5
RM Alexander

Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Failure isn't an option…

Ken Shepherd's witness is murdered, leaving him to want more than just to
arrest the criminals and walk away. A career change to the Witness
Security Program gives the opportunity to help people who made bad
decisions find a second chance. But will high expectations lead to
happiness or is death lurking around the corner? Never isn't as far
as it seems in this action-packed prequel to the Dangerous Secrets


Colton sat at the table with a pen in hand and glanced at the duffel bag waiting at the door. Precious time ticked away—if he was going to leave, every second mattered. The explosion minutes before ensured law enforcement would be banging on the door soon and, once they came, there would be no getting away.

With a heavy breath, he placed pen to the paper, and then lifted it off. Going home could mean death, but as he tapped the pen on the table, other options seemed limited. With a heavy breath, he quickly scribbled down the words he would leave behind.

I consider myself a smart man. Not brilliant. Not Ivy League, genius-scoring, Einstein-equal kind of smart, but, you know. Smart.

I also consider myself a good man who admits to making mistakes. I became involved with the wrong people, was driven by the buck. And the biggest mistake I made was putting those I love in danger. That, and never telling her I loved her before it was too late.

We do that, don't we? We never realize the importance of someone or something in our lives until that someone is gone. There's a reason that parable exists.

And if you want me to be completely honest with you, I do have regrets. I regret ever meeting Red, ever seeing the dollar signs instead of the questions, or his reasons for coming to someone so freshly assigned to managing accounts. I regret my ego driving the bus instead of my head. But I don't regret anything as much as I regret not telling her I loved her.
Just don't tell anyone else I said so.

Colton folded the paper in half and left it on the table, stared at it for a couple seconds with consideration. A chance existed that the wrong person would find the note. There was some risk in leaving the note behind.

Good thing he was a gambling man.

He hurried to the door, snatched the bag from the floor, and ran outside to the canoe.

Until Tomorrow
Dangerous Secrets Book 1 

When everything is taken from you, all you have left is what comes next... 

The perfect career became the perfect nightmare. Now the only solution is
for Colton Paine to leave his life behind to enter the Witness
Security Program. Though he has many regrets, abandoning Savana
Wyler, just as she's entering remission from cancer—and before he
has a chance to tell her he loves her—rips his heart out. But
Colton will do whatever it takes to protect her, even leave forever. 

Relocated to a tiny northern Washington tourist town, Colton fights to regain
his footing in a new life constructed of lies. Haunted by thoughts of
Savana, he breaks the rules and keeps track of her. When the same
people who want him dead appear on Savana's news broadcasts, it
becomes clear leaving wasn't the answer. 

Convinced Savana is left unprotected, Colton abandons WitSec in a desperate
attempt to save her. But did his impetuous actions endanger them

Tomorrow was never more uncertain.

RM Alexander is an author of romantic suspense. With driven characters
who suffer the worst kinds of betrayals, RM's novels promise a good
read with unexpected twists and turns. 

When she's not writing, RM spends time with her husband and two children.
She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and is addicted
to orange juice and Ghiradelli chocolate. She is often found on
Twitter and Facebook chatting with other authors and readers.

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Mary Preston said...

Romantic Suspense is a great favourite of mine.

shirley said...

Cover is put together very well, like it.