Friday, August 31, 2018


What a great deal we have for readers! Amelia Adams is heading a posse of 29 authors who offer readers a Western Romance Extravaganza of over 50 discounted books for 99 cents each! The two books I have on offer are WINTER BRIDE, which is part of the Stone Mountain TX series, and JOSEPHINE, book one of the Bride Brigade. Click the link to Amelia’s website for the page listing each of the books 
This sale is September 1- 4.

After you take advantage of that value-packed deal, mosey on over to my re-release of MURDOCH’S BRIDE. This book was one of Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Series for Kindle World. Thankfully, when Amazon deleted that program, the rights reverted to me. I’m happy to say MURDOCH’S BRIDE is now available again, this time in e-book and print and is also in KU.
This was a fun book to write. 

Take a man who hasn’t let a woman other than his cook set foot in his house for twenty years, a woman who doesn’t trust men and can’t stop complaining about everything, the man’s two sons, the woman’s niece/companion, and a young widow. Cast the women into the snow after a train wreck and have them taken to the men’s ranch home an hour from town, where another blizzard further isolates them. When the temperature drops and the hired hands move into the house… well, things get crowded and controversial. I love this book. I hope if you haven’t yet read MURDOCH’S BRIDE, you will and that you will love it, too.

I’ve just finished writing and am editing BLESSING, the name of a young woman who prefers to be called Buster because she feels the nickname is more suited to a rancher. This is book 2 of the Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series. PRISCILLA, by Charlene Raddon, is book 1 of the series. Both books are on preorder. PRISCILLA releases September 15 and BLESSING releases October 1. NISSA by Zina Abbott, is book 3 and will release October 15. You may have guessed, books in the series will release approximately every two weeks through spring—with the exception of December. Here’s the link for BLESSING:

Have a great Labor Day weekend! I hope you spend at least part of the weekend reading.

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