Friday, April 09, 2021

The Secret Baby Dilemma Series

 Bea Tifton here, subbing for the lovely and talented Caroline Clemmons.  


Caroline just released her latest bookMail Order Blaze, book number ten in the Secret Baby Dilemma series. Have you purchased it yet? If you like it (and of course you will), please leave a positive review on Amazon.  



Have you read all of the other books in the series? The series is getting great reviews and it’s a wonderful way to find some authors you haven’t read before. And each gorgeous cover is designed by V.McKevitt. 


Here are the books in the Secret Baby Dilemma series: 

Book One: Mail Order Jewel by Cheryl Wright 

Book Two: Mail Order Amelia by Margaret Tanner 

Book Three: Mail Order Melissande by Jo Grafford 

Book Four: Mail Order Nancy by Elissa Strati 

Book Five: Mail Order Merry by Patricia PacJac Carroll 

Book Six: Mail Order Martina by Kathleen Lawless 

Book Seven: Mail Order Tamsyn by Marisa Masterson 

Book Eight: Mail Order Blythe by Zina Abbott 

Book Nine: Mail Order Madeline by Jenna Brandt 

Book Ten: Mail Order Blaze by Caroline Clemmons 

Book Eleven: Mail Order Emma by Ginny Sterling 

Book Twelve: Mail Order Kaitlyn by Elaine Manders 


I hope you read all twelve and enjoy each one as much as Caroline enjoyed writing Mail Order Blaze.  



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