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Life is for Living by Janina Grey


LIFE IS FOR LIVING Earth and Sky Series Book 2  

by Janina Grey

Contemporary Romance

Release Date April 27 


Single mom Jayde MacMillan does not need the headache of another man in her life, as she devotes her every breath for caring for her toddler twins, and working full time to give them a stable and happy home.  

Daniel Cameron is a free-spirited lover of all things beautiful—including women. He’s perfectly content with drumming around a fire and winding his way barefoot through the forests of upstate New York. 


Neither expected to see each other again after a wild and passionate night of lovemaking at a local spring festival. A chance encounter and two precocious toddlers four years later says Fate has other plans for Jayde and Dan. 


Some one-night stands are meant to last forever.  




“Are you seeing anyone?” 

She couldn’t face him. She couldn’t open her car door. She couldn’t do anything, frozen in fear, frozen in time, as she faced the realization her children’s father was now in her life. Frozen and on fire at the same time. 

Damn, she wanted to love him. She wanted to hate him. Yet all she could do was fear the changes churning toward her as ferociously as a microburst during a summer thunderstorm. If only she could throw her arms around him again, let him hold her up to keep her from falling under the weight of it all. Instead, she braced herself against the onslaught of all the tomorrows to come. 

“Do we have to do this now?” Jayde finally faced him in the darkness, searching his face. “Seriously?” 

“Why won’t you answer me?” Dan trained his gaze on Daphne and Dylan, tucked soundly asleep in their car seats. 

“No. I’m not seeing anyone.” She threw that out there. Before she finished speaking, he was shaking his head. 

“Why’d you lie to me?” 

“Me? I didn’t lie. You heard what you wanted to hear.” She set her chin defiantly. 

“What we had was good. I think we should give it a try. Look at us. Look how good we are.” Dan spoke so quietly Jayde could barely hear his words. 

He sounded so sad he almost made Jayde cry for being so mean. Why am I so mean to him all the time? 

“Mama?” Dylan’s sleepy voice called in confusion from the back seat. 

“Mama’s right here, Dilly,” she said, peering through the window, before turning back to the man who was stealing her heart. “I have to go.” 

“You want to go out to dinner?” Dan asked, as Jayde opened her door and slipped behind the steering wheel. He blocked her from pulling it closed, so she buckled her seatbelt and started the car, waiting for him to move. 

“Not unless we’re taking the two kids.” 

“You can’t get a babysitter?” 

“You saw my options the other day. What do you think?” 

“Can I call you?” 

“I can’t really stop you. You got my number in the group text Brooke sent out. Tricky Brooke,” she said as she slipped the key into the ignition and started her car. 

“Great. I’ll call you,” he said, hooking his thumbs in his jeans pockets. He stayed that way, Jayde saw, for as long as she could see him in the rear-view mirror as she headed toward the safety of her own home. 


Release Date: April 27th


Don't miss the first volume in the series, LIFE IN THE FOREST. It is FREE April 12-14. 

About the Author 

Janina Grey has been writing since she could hold a crayon, and there has been no stopping her since. Journaling, short stories, poetry, newsletters, news, feature, columns, Op/Eds, and press releases have kept her busy her whole life. But it was the sweet romances she read in her downtime that stayed forever in her heart and gave her the inspiration to write her own.  

When Janina is not writing, she may be marching for women’s rights, kayaking, camping, drumming, or dancing around the fire.  

With the kids grown and out of the house, she and her husband David share their 115-year-old Mohawk Valley farm house homestead with a few resident spirits and a very squawky murder of crows.


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Instagram: @janinagreyauthor 
Twitter: @janina_grey 

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