Friday, April 29, 2022



By Caroline Clemmons

I’m so excited to share my book with you! DEATH IN THE GRAVEYARD, the next book in the Zoe Wilder cozy mystery series, launches today! Zoe just can’t seem to avoid finding dead bodies. Much to the chagrin of Sheriff Caleb McBride (aka Sheriff McBossy), Zoe can’t resist getting involved in the investigation. She tried, honestly she did.  

This is a sweet, light, humorous cozy mystery with romance.

Here’s the description:

Zoe Wilder is enjoying life in her perfect home—until her trip to lay flowers on Nana Wilder’s grave has Zoe finding the body of a young woman. Wondering how this could happen to her again, she’s determined to let hunky Sheriff McBride capture the killer. But then she's begged to help find the killer. How can she resist? The sheriff's warnings don’t prevent her efforts to help the sheriff, but she’s slowed by other obstacles she must combat. Zoe’s trying to adjust to her greatly changed, but wonderful lifestyle. Her friend and housekeeper, Letty, is temporarily out of commission from a broken leg. Zoe’s resisting the bullying of her longtime nemesis who is the now Chair of the local HOA. Once again, Zoe becomes the killer's target. 

Join Zoe for a light-hearted cozy mystery certain to entertain you.


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