Friday, September 30, 2022


By Caroline Clemmons


That’s right, join me in celebrating the release of JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. This is a sweet, clean historical western romance set primarily in a small town, available in ebook and in print, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. 

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Swoonworthy Jesse Cameron emigrated from Scotland. He’s now the Harrigan County Sheriff in Harrigan Springs, Texas. He’s respected and well-liked for his firm but fair approach to the law. He’s a strong believer in the law and in justice. After several years in Texas, he’s ready to settle down with wife to go in the house he just bought.

Rosalin Arnold

Rosalin Arnold was naïve when she left the orphanage at sixteen. She was deceived into becoming trapped as a pickpocket for the past three years for a man she believes personifies evil. Those who’ve tried to escape him are harshly punished or killed when caught—and they’re always caught. She hatches a plan to escape escalating danger, bringing her best friend and a small boy with her. But can they escape a man who has tentacles nationwide?

What will Jesse think of her when she confides in him? He’s too honorable to desert her, but will she lose his trust and any chance of his love? What will happen when her nemesis finds her and her friends?

JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDR BRIDE is Book 2 in the Texas Hill Country Mail Order Bride Series.  

Here’s an Excerpt when Jesse and the posse return home from a manhunt that caused him to miss Rosalin ‘s arrival:

He hurried up to his front door and stopped short. Did he knock? This was his house, but he didn’t want to scare her.

While he deliberated, the door opened and a wee lad stared up at him. The boy scrutinized his badge, then his face. “You must be Sheriff Jesse Cameron.”

He stepped inside and took off his hat. “That’s right. You must be Rosalin’s nephew.”

“Yes, sir. I’m Henry Bernard. Did you get the bad guys?”

“We did.” He hit at his leg with his hat as he looked around the parlor. Furniture had been moved and decorations added. Odd feeling, being treated like a guest in his own home. “Um, is your aunt here?”

“I am.” She swished into the room and smiled at him. “I hope you don’t mind that we’ve stayed here in your absence.”

His tongue tangled and he couldn’t form a sentence. While he gaped at the prettiest woman he’d ever met, the boy took his hat from him and hung it on the hat tree.

She gestured to the kitchen. “Mrs. Pickard brought over a pie this morning. She thought you’d be back today.”

He managed to say, “I… I better wash up. Dinnae usually look like this. Had a rough few days.” He washed up at the kitchen sink, wondering if that was all right. Wait—this was his house.


I hope you’ll read JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE and will enjoy it. 

Hint: If you haven’t yet read Book 1 in the series, it’s not too late to get it also.

Stay safe and keep reading.



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