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Isn’t there always something fun and intriguing about the bad boy who hides a heart of gold? I love the stories that have unwilling heroes who end up doing everything right in the end. And all because they fall in love with the right person.

This love prompted me to start the GAMBLERS & GUNSLINGERS series. It’s a six book series of which four have been published. Number five should be out in February!


First, we have Katie. She runs her family’s confectionery shop while raising her three younger siblings.


Then, we have Felicity. She didn’t know it, but she married a thief and a murderer. And although she turns him in, she finds her family under attack by those who want retribution.


Third, there’s Cora Lee. An orphan. Abandoned by her foster family and the young man she planned to marry.


Next is Olivia. The oldest of five sisters, she has to find a necklace before a merciless gambler demands collection of her late father’s debt.


Each of these ladies is determined and smart. But they don’t go through their trials alone.

 Katie gets Rowdy, a gambler and gunslinger who’s determined to keep her from participating in a dangerous poker tournament.

Felicity gets Butch, a giant who’s not about to let her go searching Hell’s Half Acre for the money her former husband stole.

Cora has Graham, the man who she’d thought abandoned her but now plans to marry her despite her past.

And Olivia teams up with Kane, a gambler who refuses to allow her to take on Nicola Calvi on her own.

Each of these stories is filled with emotion, suspense, and romance and is guaranteed to make you swoon!



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    Kara O'Neal, Author

Award-winning author, Kara O’Neal is a teacher and lives in Texas with her husband and three children. She write stories with strong family ties, lots of romance and guaranteed happy endings! Please visit her at


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