Friday, January 27, 2023



Do you believe in magic? How can any of us answer no? Every day we use cell phones that transmit conversations to most points of the earth with no lines via small instruments that contain more memory than the computers that first sent man into space. Seems like magic to me.

There’s something else that seema like magic to me—the preorder for books. You see what I did there, don’t you? Still, it is like magic that I select a book on preorder and then later, when I’ve forgotten about it,  the book pops up on my Kindle. I love that option!

I’m happy to let you know about my current preorder offering, QUINN, book 3, Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides. This is a sweet historical western romance set in 1875 and will be published February 10.

Here’s the description:

Priscilla Bradford is determined she and Quinn McRae will have a happy marriage—all she has to do is convince him.

Priscilla Bradford’s once-impressive family has fallen on desperate times. She and her brother have lost everything. Against her brother’s wishes, she leaves Boston to become a mail order bride to a man in Texas. She’s relieved when she arrives and finds her groom is a handsome and charming man. His family welcomes her—at last, she feels part of a loving, happy family. But her husband soon behaves as if he were two people. She’s certain he’s a good man, and is determined to discover the reason for his mysterious behavior.

Quinn McRae is overjoyed to reunite with his brothers after being apart for fifteen years. They don’t understand why he doesn’t fit into ranch life on their terms. How can he explain the heartbreaking event that continues to create his horrific nightmares? He can’t—at least, not without revealing the secret he believes would cause them to send him packing. In addition to his internal battle, a local bully is determined to kill Quinn and his brothers.

How will Quinn overcome the bully’s attempts to destroy his family? Can Priscilla and Quinn conquer his doubts to become the happy couple of her dreams?


Why not preorder your copy of QUINN today for February 20 delivery

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