Saturday, June 03, 2023


 By Caroline Clemmons

How is your weekend going? I hope you're spending part of it reading a good book!

Our family members are voracious readers. My father is responsible for my love of reading, he and my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Huff. My mother didn't discover the joy of reading until she was retired and my aunt brought her a copy of THE THORN BIRDS. Later, my mom said she regretted not reading for all those years. She was hooked! She was so proud when I became a published author. Sadly, my father and aunt had already passed away by that time. I know they would have loved the idea. They were both such good people that perhaps they look down from heaven. So far, I have over 80 titles published, and I have many more planned. Here's my Amazon Author Page link, in case you want to order one of the books I mention.

The first series I published was the Kincaids, in which the first three books are sensual and the later titles are sweet. I love that series. The first book's heroine, Pearl Parker, was inspired by a story kernel my grandmother told me of a girl in the town in which she lived. Can you imagine a woman so steeped in false pride that she would try to kill her own granddaughter? It really happened, but the rest of the book is pure fiction. I thought any woman who began life as an unwanted child deserved a happily ever after That book was THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE. I had used bride instead of wife, but Kensington changed it, supposedly because they had already published a book with The Most Unsuitable Bride as the title. 

The second series was The Men of Stone Mountain (Texas), my first efforts at self-publishing. I simply love the three brothers who launched that series. Their aunts are patterned after my mom and her sister. I confess that I like Alice from HIGH STAKES BRIDE best of the heroines, though the heroine of BLUEBONNET BRIDE is a close second. I continued the series with several more books set in the fictional town of Radford Crossing. The first three are sensual and the rest are sweet. The first two are available as audio books.

Occasionally, I write contemporary romance. One of the series is Texas Time Travel. I was able to combine my love of history with romance adventures for three couples in TEXAS LIGHTNING, TEXAS RAINBOW, and TEXAS STORM. The last book is about the Woman's Auxiliary Support Program, from Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas. The women who served in the WASP were very brave.  My author friend Sherri Easley is writing a series about the WASP, called The Avenger Girls. I can hardly wait until she publishes them. She has a day job, and that gets in the way. My Texas Time Travel covers are included wsith the Loving A Rancher series below.


I enjoyed writing in Debra Holland's Kindle World, and was devastated when Amazon cancelled that popular program. I changed the names that belonged to Debra and relaunched the sweet romance series, Loving A Rancher,  but I lost all the reviews I had when it was in Kindle World. The first, AMANDA'S RANCHER, is my favorite, but MURDOCH'S BRIDE sells more.

Instead of mail order brides, I created a series where seven women were brought to a Texas town by a widow who was left with plenty of money to do such a thing. I'm not giving away spoilers when I tell you each of the seven women found a husband--including the widow who brought the women to Texas. This is a very popular series of sweet historical romances. I enjoyed writing each of these, and readers have appeared to enjoy reading them. The first of this series is JOSEPHINE.

I wrote single titles in a number of multi-author series. Those were fun and gave me a chance to work with some very pleasant and superb authors. Those include DESPERATE IN DELAWARE, THEODOSIA, three books in the The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series, two in the Widows of Wildcat Ridge, and many more. 

My current series is The Texas Hill Country Mail Order Bride Series. Whew, Why did I choose such a long series title? 😉Anyway, I love the series. The heroes are GENTRY, JESSE, QUINN, and LEVI, and I'm writing KEITH's story now. I hope you'll give this series a read. I've worked really hard to make each unique, even though they take place in the same fictional town of Harrigan Springs. My daughters and I laugh about the town name. When they were small, they watched Saturday morning cartoons. There was one with this little dog who did a dance, wore a bowler hat, and sang, "H. A. Double R. I... GAN spells Harrigan." The youngest said she can't keep from singing that in her head every time she reads it.

I hope to reach 100 titles someday. Guess I'd better busy and write.

Stay safe and keep reading!

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