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 By Caroline Clemmons

Most readers of sweet historical western romance love a strong hero able to stand his ground. My latest hero, Levi Iverson, is such a man. He is a friendly and dependable man who is slightly reserved. In fact, he likes most people and has a good sense of humor. In a small town, a businessman has to be congenial and friendly. Levi is pleasant, if distant, to those who have snubbed or tried to take advantage of him. We know he has a soft heart because of the kindness he shows to Charlie Gann, a slow-witted man who loves horses. Levi makes sure Charlie has a job and place to live. Levi and the sheriff and defends Charlie if bullies bother the man.


Levi's livery would have looked 
similar to this one

Levi was born in Norway and came to the United States at age four. As do many Norwegians, he has blond hair and blue eyes. His tall, muscular build makes him an attractive man. As blacksmith, he came to Harrigan Springs when he was 19. In addition to the smithy, Levi repairs guns and owns the livery stable where Charlie works.

Blacksmith's tools - a
hard, hot job!


Levi’s three businesses keep him busy, but he keeps his ears tuned for anyone with a house or building for sale, as well as for anyone who needs to rent a property. He’s not a slum lord, but quite the opposite. He remembers how difficult finding a house to rent was when his parents first arrived in Texas. His father spoke a little English, but his mother didn’t. Eventually, his parents acquired a good farm near Medina that is only two hours from Harrigan Springs. His sister and her family are not far.

Levi's sister Ingrid, her husband
Noah Larsen, with children Leah, 
Jacob and Aksel, and dog Thor

Levi is sensible and methodical, weighing his decisions carefully -- until he meets his match. He has a life plan, and marriage is a couple of years away when he's 30. You have probably heard the saying, “
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” What can a man do when he rescues a beautiful woman from a trio of rascals? 

Norway and the Northern Lights

Perhaps I’ve told too much. If you haven’t read LEVI AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, come read the adventure. You’ll find it at Amazon in e-book and print. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited. B0BZDT6Q1J

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Stay safe and keep reading!

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Cover by Charlene Raddon, Silver Sage  Cover Designs

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