Friday, November 10, 2023

Time For Christmas Stories

 It is time for Christmas stories now that the heat of summer is over and the cool of fall is here.  Here is one of my Christmas stories you might enjoy.

by Caroline Clemmons

Book Blurb:

A desperate woman…
A distrustful rancher with a secret…
And a boy in need of a family.

Orphaned at an early age and sent to live with her relatives, Gloria Tabor is fed up with the treatment she receives from her aunt, uncle, and spiteful cousin. In a moment of desperation, she leaves her only relatives’ home. With only a small savings, where is she to go? The question is sobering, but she is determined she will not return to her kin’s home.

While deliberating her lack of choice, she overhears a young man comforting a sobbing woman she recognizes as a friend from school. After a few minutes of conversation with them, the friend offers Gloria the chance to escape town to a ranch in Texas as a mail order bride. In exchange, Gloria must promise not to divulge her real identity until the couple has eloped and had a honeymoon. Elated at the opportunity, Gloria agrees. She vows she will never let herself be told what to do or think again.

On the way to her prospective groom, Gloria rescues a ten-year-old boy from a policeman who wants to take the boy to the local orphanage. Heart filled with sympathy for the homeless child, she intercedes. Later, she wonders how her prospective groom will react to her bringing a ward with her.

Texas rancher Dwight Price is a stickler for honesty. Once someone has lost his confidence, he won’t er fully trust the person again. He strives to live up to his beliefs. On the one hand, he isn’t certain her wants to wed the daughter of his father’s oldest friend. On the other hand, he looks forward to a life of quiet harmony with his mail order bride.

Near Christmas, Gloria gets a telegram releasing her from her promise. Dwight wants to know who sent the wire and why. Her explanation destroys the faith he had in her—and then his own secret crops up.
Can these two overcome the damage to their relationship or will each be alone again?

You would be surprised at the amount of trouble two people can get into together and separately.  I hope you enjoy this story and it helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

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