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By Caroline Clemmons

Have you wondered how authors choose a hero and a heroine? There’s a saying that if he’s a fireman, she has to be a firebug—accidentally of course. If he’s a lawman, she should be a criminal (unjustly accused, I’m sure). I used this last phrase for JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE; for BLUEBONNET BRIDE, from the Stone Mountain TX Series (one of my best selling books); and RACHEL, from the Bride Brigade Series. Actually, I’m sure you know there’s a lot more to building a hero and heroine than those two phrases indicate.

Lawman vs. Accused woman

Chemical attraction is important, of course, but eventually the couple has to talk to one another. Basic values, common interests, and more figure into the creation of a couple who can achieve a happily-ever-after. A good sense of humor is important in any relationship. As in real life, the hero and heroine need to “fit” one another.


For instance, let’s look at Elliana Barrington and Keith Martin from KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. Elliana grew up wealthy with strict social and personal values. Keith grew up in a family of criminals in which he was virtually a captive. Elliana knew all the right social responses and how to conduct herself as a lady—unless injustice aroused her anger. Yes, quiet and elegant Elliana had a temper she unleashed on bullies and scoundrels.

Keith trained himself to appear the honest businessman he was, but inside he hated his lack of knowledge of the correct social behavior. At the same time, he feared someone from his past might appear. He worked to become more gracious and learn proper social behavior. After buying the bank and later his home, Keith was strapped for cash. Elliana had unbelievable wealth, but also feared someone from her past would appear to endanger her new life.


Although they had different upbringings, they had much in common and they had the same goal of a family and a useful, happy life among friends. Doesn’t that sound like what we all want? Certainly it fits my wishes.

Elliana had kind, loving parents who died young. Keith’s parents are still alive, but too terrible to contemplate. Elliana and Keith each has a different way of handling adversity, but the two meld as a couple. You can obtain the story of their adventures at

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