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 By Caroline Clemmons

 One of the most popular historical western romance series ever is the Pinkerton Matchmaker Series, conceived by the very clever Christine Sterling. The beautiful covers were designed by the late Virginia McKevitt. We were so sad when she passed away earlier this year. Authors lost a kind and generous friend.

When the series became affiliated with Barr26 Publishing, who plan to eventually produce an audio version of each book, the covers had to be changed. I hated to lose my lovely covers designed by Virginia. However, I’m happy to say those provided by Barr26 Publishing were as lovely as the originals.

The first I wrote was AN AGENT FOR MAGDALA, book 28. 4.7 stars. Writing is always hard work, mentally and physically, but I especially loved writing this story. I was able to use two of my favorite locations for the story—Santa Fe, New Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas. Each of those towns is very old and is unique. They were there before the Spanish claimed the land. Our family loves including them on a vacation. Even though they obviously have changed since the Spanish conquistadors, they are still unique. In San Antonio, the Menger Hotel is still a luxury hotel after close to 175 years, refurbished and expanded numerous times over the its reign. Our youngest daughter stayed there during an educator’s conference. The hotel is reported to be haunted, and she was disappointed that she didn’t have a ghostly encounter.

Magdala is ready to add adventure to her life when she learns the Denver Pinkerton office is accepting women as agents. She’s shocked—but not deterred—to learn she has to marry another agent to achiever her goal. She weds Cloud Ryan with the intention of getting an annulment once they’ve captured the jewel thieves plaguing the Menger Hotel. They face grave danger in solving the case.

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 Years ago, our family drove through the harsh and desolate and strangely beautiful area known as “the badlands.” Seeing it made it easy to understand how criminals could hide there. AN AGENT FOR LYDIA, book 43, 4.6 stars, leads the couple to these badlands, where the agents come close to losing their lives while escaping with people they’ve rescued.

Backing up, Lydia Wood was left at the altar by Pinkerton agent Jake Hunter. She had no idea he was attacked and severely beaten and his identification stolen. In fact, he lies in a coma in the hospital. When he recovers consciousness, he realizes that if Lydia had been with him she might have been killed. She’s the most important person in his life. To protect her, he goes back to Denver without contacting her. Lydia is not willing to give up easily and determines to see what it is about being a Pinkerton agent that is so all-consuming.

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By now, you know I love the Southwest. The state of New Mexico has desert and gorgeous mountains. The state motto of “Land of Enchantment” is easy to understand—especially if you watch the sunsets. Fortunately for Judith McAdams, AN AGENT FOR JUDITH, book 58, 4.6 stars, the search for her brother takes place in one of the loveliest areas. Having Pinkerton agent Peyton Knight and his men accompany her is reassuring, even though she had to enter a marriage of convenience with Peyton. The woman who raised Judith and her brother insists on coming along on the trip, too. The group is in for danger even before they contend with a vicious rancher holding her brother prisoner.

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I hope if you haven’t read these books, you will. Relax and take an exciting trip back to the Old West. I believe you will enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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