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 By Caroline Clemmons

A couple of friends and I were at lunch a few days ago. One of the numerous subjects that came up was: what in books and movies scares us? What scares you so much you sleep with the lights on? These friends and I meet to discuss writing and books. Mostly.

In books, every great hero or heroine has a flaw and/or a secret. His secret is something he would be embarrassed to admit or that he believes might damage his reputation and employment. For example, tough and seemingly fearless Indiana Jones feared snakes. So, he had to deal with a lot of them at once. Shudder.

In KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, banker Keith Martin fears people learning his family are crooks, especially if a family member came to town. Such a revelation would cause bank customers to withdraw their money as well as shun him. You can get your copy of e-book or print at Amazon here:


 Writing terrifying scenes is sometimes intriguing. In THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND, the rogue-ish hero had been buried alive and barely escaped before he suffocated. As a result, he feared confined dark spaces. Can you blame him? Imagine how difficult it was for him to crawl through a narrow tunnel to enter a cave and rescue a child, but that’s aside from the main plot. I’m so pleased that book has been very popular with readers. Get your copy of e-book or print at Amazon here: -



Who would fear a precious baby? How about a rugged bounty hunter, a bachelor, who has never been around children? He finds the baby crying after criminals kill the little girl’s parents. He loads up her belongings to take to the person who adopts her. No one he can trust will take the child. You guessed it—STUART becomes a dad. It’s a fun story. If you haven’t read it, you’ll find it at Amazon here:  


In HIGH STAKES BRIDE, Alice Price fears the big cave her rescuer takes he to, but not as much as she fears the two men chasing her. The cavern appears endless, and she realizes her rescuer, Zach Stone, has used it many times. I love Alice—she’s as klutzy as I am. Wish I looked like her! If you haven’t yet read this book, it’sw available in e-book, print, and from audible.



Whatever you choose, reading expands your mind and delays dementia. I and many other historical authors do a lot of research to make sure details in our books are credible. So, in addition to being entertained, you’ll learn painlessly at the same time. Buying and reading our books makes us happy. We want you to love the fruits of our labor.

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