Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Memories by Theresa Stillwagon

Christmas Memories
Christmas is just around the corner, so I've decided to share some of my memories of Christmas. The season was always a joyful thing in my family, with lots of good food and cheer.

My fondest memory is eating. We had to place two tables together in our long, narrow living room for Christmas dinner. We needed both tables because I came (come) from a large, Catholic family--eleven total. Dad and Mom, Charlie, Paul, me, Mary, Ann, David, Rose, Bernadette, and Ruth in order of age. We were a pretty close family, even though we did have normal everyday fights. My mom would start cooking the turkey the night before and it'd be finished by one or two pm when we'd eat. And we always went to Christmas Mass, either at Midnight or in the morning. My dad would have to go to two different Masses every Sunday because all of us wouldn't fit into one car.

A decorated tree
If I remember correctly, Dad and my brothers would go out to the woods and chop down a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. All of us would decorate it while listening to my dad play the guitar and my sister, Ann, the piano. She was good on it. On Christmas morning, we'd be up and ready early to open all those presents. The living room was a colorful mess by the time we tore all the wrapping away. I don't think my parents placed them under the tree until a few days before Christmas. We always got some nice presents.

A little help with gift wrapping
Mom would wrap them at night in her bedroom downstairs. She'd keep the door closed and chase us away if got too curious. She would also wrap them in the living room, late at night. I remember we used to sneak down the stairs and go down the hallway toward her room. She always knew we were there somehow, and chased us back to bed.

Now things are not that way anymore. My parents are both with the Lord and my brothers and sisters are spread all around the globe. The large old home were grew up with isn't a home anymore -- it's a dry cleaners. And the area isn't rural anymore. Two blocks away there's a grade school.

Thank the Lord, I still have my memories.

Hope everyone has a joyful and wonderful Christmas.

And a merry New Year.


Theresa Stillwagon engrossed in her work
Theresa Stillwagon has been writing most of her life. Since one of her teachers praised a poem she wrote for a class assignment, she’s been putting words together in the hopes of seeing them in print. Not caring if anyone other than herself ever read them. Her dream came to reality in 2008 when she signed her first writing contract. She’s now just signed her fourth one and isn’t looking back.

From Whispers Press
A former resident of the state of Ohio, Theresa now lives in her RV in the sunny city of Savannah, Georgia with her husband of twenty-seven years, Mike, and her two cats, Fred and Barney. She’s currently searching for a job while still hard at work on her next romance.

Readers can find her at

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Congratulations, Theresa, and thanks for being a guest here today.

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Bunch of Stuff said...

Thank you for the lovely blog, Caroline. I hope all of your readers have a merry and joyful Christmas.
Oh, The Gift is published with Whispers instead of TWRP. No problem, though.
Bless you,

Mona Risk said...

What beautiful memories Theresa. I was just reading more at the Pink Fuzzy Slippers blog.

Santa Claus used to come through the chimney in my house when my kids were small. Now that we live in an apartment, I told my grandchildren that Santa Claus comes through a trap in my room's closet. Since they couldn't discover any trap, the oldest one, a smart six years old, explained to the the little ones that Nonna is wrong. Sant Clause travels with Fed Ex or come by Internet. Here is the new generation.

Nancy Lee Badger said...

A great, heartwarming story. My upbringing was similar becasue although there were only 5 in our immediate family, my two cousins, their parents and my grandmother, Dixie, filled the house. Have a happy holiday!

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Theresa! You had some great memories. I remember my brother and I sneaking down the stairs early in the morning to get a peek at our presents, but our dad would be asleep on the couch, so we'd have to sneak back up. LOL.

Beth Trissel said...

What a wonderful post. I enjoyed this, and Theresa you really touched me. Your books look really good too. I understand about writing away whether or not anyone ever reads my work, but it's gratifying when they share that journey with us.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Hey, Theresa and Moana! This is for you, too. Hear ye! O hear ye!! You a writer? Groovy. Here’s our (God/i) nine, insane blogz YOU may steal/plagiarize to thy heart's content, giving YOU thots and ideas you may have never thunk Bfor, brudda!! Be prepared, though, Upstairs in Heaven Above, my blogz of humble wisdom and avant-garde-efficaciousness will be attributed to moi, aussi in some kinda trilogy. I don't think you'll much care in the Great Beyond, though, fulla party-hardy, kick-some-assness. God bless.