Monday, April 23, 2012


You have been so kind to buy my books, that now I have a surprise for you. 

Announcing my western historical romance-mystery, BRAZOS BRIDE, is FREE today at Amazon Kindle! Yes, that’s right. Zero. Zip. Nada. Gratis. Just for you because you guys are special. Very special. Where would we writers be without readers to pour over our words? Banging our heads against our keyboards, that’s where. 

The FREE link for BRAZOS BRIDE at Amazon Kindle is:

While I’m pounding away on the keyboard, working on the second book in the trilogy, you can be reading BRAZOS BRIDE: Men of Stone Mountain, Book One. 

The trilogy is about the three Stone brothers: Micah in BRAZOS BRIDE, book one; Zach in HIGH STAKES BRIDE, book two; Joel in BLUEBONNET BRIDE, book three. There is another link, as I’ve mentioned previously - poison is used in each book. Book one and book two each deal with a different natural poison found in native a Texas plant. The third poison is one that was common in home and garden use in the nineteenth century.  And I've chosen heroines who are perfect matches for the heroes. At least, I think they are. Book one's heroine is Hope Montoya, a regal Hispanic heiress. Book two features Mary Alice Price, a klutzy, adorable blonde. (Yes, she's my favorite.) Book three has another regal heroine, this one a redhead named Verity Dumas. I almost chose the last name of Robichaux, but think how often I'd have to type that. Aiyiyi! Dumas is so much faster.  

If you enjoy the book, please leave a favorable review on Amazon to let others know. If you don’t enjoy the book, let me know your reasons at  While it’s not possible to please all readers, I do try to write credibly about the Old West and whatever I've chosen. I spend hours and hours on research, on listening to my critique partners, and on revising and editing. Here’s another favor: when you get to the Amazon site to choose my book, please click on LIKE and then scroll down and click on the tags. This sounds silly, but it makes a difference in sales. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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katsrus said...

Thank you so much. Look forward to reading your book.
Sue B