Saturday, December 15, 2012


Congratulations to Wanda H., winner of the Kindle Fire to one newsletter subscriber. I’ll continue other giveaways throughout the coming year(s). If you’re a subscriber, you may win next time. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so about halfway down on the blog sidebar.

Each reader is appreciated, whether or not you subscribe to my newsletter or comment on this blog. I love writing books, and treasure readers who buy my books.

Currently, I’m working to complete the third book of the Men of Stone Mountain series, BLUEBONNET BRIDE. I hope to have it published soon. Joel Stone is sheriff of Radford Springs, Texas. Rosalyn, the new widow in town, has captured his heart. She has terrible secrets, and she is plagued by trouble. She needs a hero. Don’t we all? Fortunately, I have my own Hero and I cherish him.

The cover is finished. All
I lack is the completed book.

My long-time friend, Nelda Liles of Plano, Texas, allowed me to use her bluebonnet photo as the background for the cover. Hero plopped a cowboy's photo over the bluebonnets. Finding the photo of a model who resembles the person in my head is always impossible. I don't use movie stars or magazine ads as  characters. The people in my books reside only in my head, and often there are no close models available. I like the man I chose for this book's cover, but he doesn't really look like Joel.

After that book, I’ll be working on Storm Kincaid’s book, Book 3 of the Kincaid series. I’ve taken Lisa N’s suggestion and will call Storm’s book THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP. His heroine is a very determined German immigrant, Rina, shortened from Varina. Storm is determined to see justice; Rina wants revenge.

I’m also plotting a series of contemporary novellas set in West Texas near where Hero and I lived as children. My folks moved to California when I was a baby, then returned to Texas a few months before I was eight. I lived in Lubbock, Texas until grown and that area holds fond memories. I shared that area in BE MY GUEST and in The Wild Rose Press release, HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME.

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katsrus said...

Congrats Wanda. Caroline I look forward to your next books. Very nice book cover.
sue B