Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY 2013

Where did this past year go? I've kept myself at the computer and one day passes quickly into the next. What about you? Are you happy to see the last of 2012? Many of my friends have had a difficult year, and my family and I have had some health issues.. But don’t we always hope that the New Year will be better than the last? I certainly do.

As far as my writing is concerned, I’ve had a wonderful year! Thank you to each of you who encouraged me, supported me, bought my books, and left good reviews! If you’re a writer, you understand how
that support bolsters my morale and my muse. If you're a reader, let me assure you that I appreciate your tremendously.

Long ago I quit making a list of resolutions, but I have a few. As usual, losing weight is a big one, no pun intended. ☺ Mostly, though, I set writing goals. Family health issues warred with my finishing my current work in progress, BLUEBONNET BRIDE. Don't you hate when life interferes with our plans?  I’m back on track now, and hope to have it published later this month.

After that, I’m writing Storm Kincaid’s story, THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP. I love Storm and his gentle, quiet strength and dry sense of humor. His story will be hard on him, of course, because writers must torture their heroes (and heroines). Storm’s heroine is not someone from the first two books. He meets a young German immigrant on his quest to capture criminals who killed a friend. To do so legally, he has been appointed a Federal Marshal. More about that later.

Are you attending a party on New Year's Eve? Having a big dinner on New Year's Day? On New Year's Eve, Hero and I will relax in the family room with wine and cheese while we watch a movie on TV--either Netflix or Amazon.. On New Year's Day, Darling Daughter Two will come for dinner and a Netflix movie. Perhaps that sounds unexciting, but both will be restful and pleasant. Sometimes exciting is a curse. ☺

In the meantime, I wish you a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by!

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katsrus said...

Happy New Year Caroline. Last year wasn't our best. I am hoping this year will be so much more better. I need to take better care of my health this year. That is my resolution. I look forward to more of your books. Our college football team made it to the Rose Bowl so that is what I will be watching later today.
Sue B