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Kirsten Osbourne
Kirsten Osbourne is a creative writer who conceived a massive undertaking that is working! She wanted to have a group of writers spin novels from a single event that spread across to each state in the United States. Eventually, she included the territories, too—50  books, 50 mail-order brides all beginning in the fall of 1890. Because Kween Kirsten (as she is known on the Pioneer Hearts Facebook Group) is incredibly popular with her fans and other western historical authors, she had instant response.

Kirsten Osbourne for the win!

Several of her friends from the Pioneer Hearts Facebook Group (  assisted in setting up this American Mail-Order Brides Series project. Kirsten had such response that she added the territories to the states of 1890 to give more authors a chance to participate. Honestly, can you imagine her convincing forty-five writers to actually keep her “Sooper Sekrit Project” a secret? Talk about herding cats.

Cowboys herding cats

You probably know that Kirsten Osbourne wrote the Prequel and it’s available FREE at along with a brief description and cover photo for each of the fifty books.  They’ve been released one-a-day since November 19 and continue through January 7th. Erin Dameron Hill designed the cover drape of the American flag and did most of the covers (including mine).

Each book is available on Amazon for $2.99 and through Kindle Unlimited’s subscription service for the first 90 days. After that, some will be distributed to other venues as well—author’s choice. If you haven’t joined those snapping up these western historical romances, give them a try. Each author has her own voice and writing style, so there is great diversity even though they all involve a mail-order bride heroine. Some include humor, some pathos, all have a happily-ever-after ending. I like that, don’t you?

There my cover is, far right, fourth row,

I read for entertainment and pleasure. If I wanted to be upset, I’d watch the evening news. For reading, I want to go to a happy place where the good guys always win and the heroine and hero find a soul mate. That, my reader friends, is satisfaction!

Cup of tea, good book in print or
e-reader equals a perfect escape.

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