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Tina Gayle is my special guest today. She conceived the idea of the #Romanticidea blog trade in which several authors are participating. It’s only fitting that Tina should be my first #Romancticidea guest.

Please tell us about growing up. Siblings? Locale?

I grew up in the great state of Texas and have three sisters. We lived in a small town near Houston. I loved being outside and playing games. Strangely, I also love school, which my children tell me is just strange. I think it was because I liked to get away from home and meeting new people, which is still true today. I love going places and discovering new stories about the people I meet.

So do I love to travel and discover new stories. Tina. Were you the shy kid or the tomboy? Married, single? Children?

I wasn’t very outgoing as a child, kinda shy. But as the years went by I decided to work harder at pushing myself forward. I’ve been married almost 30 years and have two wonderful boys. A great job is being a mom. A better job is being a grandmother. Though I haven’t had the pleasure yet, I’m looking forward to someday having grandchildren.

Being a mom was one of my two favorite jobs—the other is being my Hero’s wife. Who are your favorite authors and favorite genres?

Love romance. I started reading it when I was in my teens and have been hooked ever since. I read and enjoyed so my authors. It’s hard to name just one.

Very tactful answer. When you’re not writing, what’s your favorite way to relax and recharge?

I enjoy planting flowers and watching them bloom, but I’m not always good at keeping them alive. I also enjoy reading but don’t always find the time I’d like to do it.

I may have terminal black thumb but I love have flowers in bloom. How long have you been writing?

I started my first book in 2000. So I guess I’m going on 16 years.

Where do you prefer to write? Do you need quiet, music, solitude? PC or laptop?

I like it to be quiet with just me and my laptop.

I like classical music or quiet. Are you a plotter or a panzer?
Can I be both? I start out as a panzer, then around the 3rd chapter, I work out the plot. So I guess I’m a combination of both.

Yes, you can be both. I suspect most of us are what’s known as a Plotzer, a combination of plotter and panzer. Do you do your research before you begin a new project, or as you go along?

I tend to do a little of both. I research first for interesting information about the area or the idea then while I’m writing I check for additional information.

Tell us about your writing schedule. Do you set goals? Do you write daily?

I try to look at writing as a job, which I do every day during the week. I usually come up with a schedule for the year. Plan out the time period each will take and adjust as the year goes by.

You’re more organized than I am, but I also write every day and schedule which books I’ll do for the year. Do you write full time or do you have a day job. If you have a day job, what is it?

I’m lucky in that right now I don’t have a job outside of writing.

Isn’t being a writer the greatest job ever? Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers.

I’m not a girly, girly. I don’t usually wear makeup or dress up. I get up put on a t-shirt and jeans and get to work. No shoes and a cup of coffee, I sit down and work. The joys of working from home.

Right, I love working at home. What do you hope your writing brings to readers?

Joy. Each of us struggles with the challenges of life. I hope my books bring a sense of hope that they can be anything they want to be.

What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

Follow your passion, but if it doesn’t work out don’t let it get you down. It’s about what makes you happy.

TINA GAYLE’S #RomanticIdea:
Young or old, we all enjoy a night out.
Instead of going to the same old place, try some place new. Maybe a place with music for dancing or a winery for a tasting.
There are all sorts of new things to try. Do it with your lover and make a new memory.

Blurb for CFO’s AFFAIR:
Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman.  Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.
Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.
Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?

Excerpt for CFO’s AFFAIR:
          A knock sounded on the window beside her and she jumped. Her head swiveled around and she stared at the man looking at her through the window.
          Vince Wilshire's handsome face could make any woman melt with desire. With it so close to hers—the glass being the only thing separating them—a rush of adrenaline swept into her system. She leaned sideways in her seat and knocked her hand against the steering wheel. The horn beeped and she muttered, "Damn it, Knox, why did you..."
          The sound of his laughter sent anger flooding through her, the muscles in her arms tightening with the need to strike out. She lowered the phone and clicked the disconnect button in retaliation to his attempt to manipulate her.
          Vince opened the driver's side door and cold air rushed into the car. "Hey, beautiful, are you heading inside?"
          "What is this? Are you guys ganging up on me?" Sylvia ignored the man beside her and glanced in the rear view mirror, checking to make sure her tears hadn't caused any lasting effect.
          A warm hand landed on her shoulder and Vince toyed with her hair. "Not at all, I like the idea of entering the building with a gorgeous woman on my arm."
          "Right," she protested and stuffed her phone into her purse before turning to stare into his bedroom-brown eyes. The spark in their depths had her reevaluating her impression of the man. Yes, he had the face and body to rival every other Casanova in the world, but he also had a sense of humor. That alone sent a shiver of awareness through her.
          She fought the desire gathering in her stomach and waved her hand at him so he'd move out of the way, letting her exit the car. "Did Knox make you wait out here in the parking lot to make sure I would come inside?"
          Vince grinned and held her door open while she stepped onto the asphalt. His gaze fell to her legs.
          She stared at her new, high-heel, red pumps and silently prayed she wouldn't land face first in the dirt when she tried to walk across the pitted parking lot in them.
          A low whistled sounded beside her. "Man, are you ever hot."
          She ignored the comment and didn't turn until she heard the car door slamming closed. "And there's not a woman you've ever met you haven't wanted."

Read 1st chapter at'sAffairChpt.html'sAffairChpt.html

Tina Gayle, Author

Tina Gayle grew up a dreamer and loved to escape into the world of books.
After years of working in the business world doing a variety of jobs, she decided to try her hand at writing. Her books touch the heart and show the true joy of being a woman.

Read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website.

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