Friday, December 15, 2017


Please welcome Kirsten Osbourne, a friend whom I admire a great deal. As long as I’ve known her, I’ve never heard her say an unkind word. She always focuses on being kind and positive. Kirsten has a fun giveaway today to one person who comments.
Remember that your comment enters you in a drawing for a Kindle Fire 7 on Christmas Eve!
What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory? 

Opening stockings was always my favorite thing. My mom always went all out, and there was lots of fun stuff involved.

What is your favorite adult Christmas memory?

Each year is always the best. I’m embroiled in making candy and baking! It’s been a lot of fun.

Is there a Christmas song that’s your favorite?

A.   Secular  “Up on the Housetop”      
B.   Religious  “Away in a Manger”

Tell us about your family’s Christmas traditions. 

Well, everything will be new this year. Usually we do Christmas Eve with my in-laws, and then Christmas Day with my mom. We open presents in between and it’s a whirlwind. Now we’re far from them, so we’ll do presents on Christmas Eve and stockings on Christmas mornings. My son and I are baking to take as gifts to neighbors and friends.

What about Christmas do you most enjoy?

I love giving gifts to people. Don’t care if I ever get one. It’s all about making others happy!

Is there something about this holiday that drives you crazy?

People’s greed seems to be worse at Christmas time.

What do you hope for this Christmas?

To have a nice time with family and friends and find that perfect gift for my son. (And for fairies to come and magically wrap all our presents!)

Do you have a treasured Christmas food?

Not really!

Do you have a Christmas book you’d like to share?

I have LOTS of Christmas books! EPHRAIM is the newest!

EPHRAIM Summary: 

Maria Villanueva is still unhappy that her brother was taken from her and put into a foster home--which was really a boys' ranch--four and a half years before. When she finishes her education, she moves to the town closest to his location to start a business and be close to her brother. She expresses her unhappiness for the situation with one of the brothers running the ranch, and he makes sure she spends more time there to see what the ranch is really like.

Ephraim McClain knows within minutes of meeting Maria that she is the woman he's destined to spend his life with. He offers her the first client for her new business, and does his best to make sure she's always around him. As they get to know one another, he loses his heart. Will she be able to understand that the ranch is a good place? Or will she continue to battle her feelings for him?


Why don’t I giveaway a random bag o’ crap? A bag filled with swag and a couple of signed books, etc.

Kirsten Osbourne, Author

Kirsten Osbourne hails from the state of Wisconsin, lived in Texas for almost thirty years, and recently has found the perfect family home in Idaho. She is a mother, a writer, and a wife. Married to the love of her life for over fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and wants to share her vision of love with the world. Writing is something she has always loved and plans on doing for a long time into the future.

Kirsten Osbourne writes contemporary romance as well as historical. She invites you to join her world of fantasy and make believe where there is always a happily ever after at the end.



Caroline Clemmons said...

Thanks for sharing with readers, Kirsten. You really are the Kween!

Carnola said...

Hello Kirsten, I love that you and your son are baking gifts to give to neighbors and friends I love baking for my family and friends. I've never made candy though. This year I'm starting the tradition of stockings for my son. Have a merry Christmas.