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Sale On A Bride For Dalton by Caroline Clemmons


The Proxy Brides Book 25 

By Caroline Clemmons 


On sale for 99¢ from July 9 – 14 


About the book 


Rebecca and Dalton embark on married life in unusual circumstances. Can love blossom in tumultuous times? 


Rebecca wants a husband but not the man her stepbrother insists she wed. To escape his threats she turns to a family friend for help. Reverend McClain suggests she enter a proxy marriage to his only living relative, a nephew who ranches in Montana. Out of options, she agrees. Until she arrives in Sweet Springs, she has no idea the telegram with instructions to her supposed groom has not been delivered. Where does that leave her? 


Dalton is working with dangerous men to accomplish his goal. The last thing he needs at this time is a wife in the way. He is a gentleman and sees no other solution than to complete the vows. How is he going to keep her out of harm’s way while he completes this job? 






Guilt attacked Dalton when he recalled how he’d complained about Rebecca’s flowers. When he rode in yesterday, he’d noticed how cheerful her darned flowers looked. He recognized she’d put in extra work to beautify their home and then he’d been a jerk. 

He recalled his mother saying she sure missed her roses. Why hadn’t he or his father ever sent away for rose bushes? Would they even grow here? He thought he’d seen some in town.  

His hand remained too painful to be much use on the ranch. He was glad it was about time to go home. As he and Two Bits rode by some brush, he stopped.  

“That serviceberry would look nice in Rebecca’s flower bed.” He dismounted and dug the folding shovel from his saddlebags. 

Two Bits held out his hand for the shovel. “I’ll dig it up for you seeing as how your hand’s hurt ’cause of me.” 

Dalton was shocked by the man’s offer. He’d never known Two Bits to do one lick of work that wasn’t forced on him. Rebecca had made more of an impression than she could know. 

He cheerfully gave the shovel to the cowboy. “Thank you.” 

Two Bits dug around the healthiest of those in the patch. “Your wife sure is nice to us and she’s a good cook. Ain’t many around like her, that’s for sure.” 

“She’ll appreciate you helping her with her flowers. I was kind of mean about them when I first saw them.” 

His cowhand didn’t glance up. “I couldn’t help overhearing. Don’t know why you’d mind her setting out flowers. Guess most women have a liking for such things. Don’t hurt nothing.”  

Two Bits set the first bush aside and dug at a second. “I figure she’d like this one, too. It’s shaped real pretty.” 

“You’re right. Aw, I don’t know why I acted the way I did. Reckon it was the surprise of seeing the change when I was already in a bad mood. Being married keeps a man off balance all the time. I put my foot in my mouth often enough. To tell the truth, I never know what she’ll think of next.” 

Two Bits looked up and grinned. “Guess that’s interesting ’cause you don’t never get bored.”  

Dalton couldn’t keep from laughing. “That’s the truth.” 


5 star reviews from Amazon readers include these: 


This is a well written story and the plot and characters have been well thought out too. If you enjoy a good story with excitement, adventure, a little mystery and humor you will love reading how these two find their happily ever after.”  


“Caroline Clemmons has once again created a story that captivates its reader…“ 

You will love the surprise ending. Caroline Clemmons had done it again! 


“Caroline Clemmons has penned a delightful story with colorful, well developed characters.” 


“Really enjoyed this well written entertaining story.… A bit of a twist in the story, but just the right amount.” 

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