Friday, July 16, 2021


By Caroline Clemmons

Wonderful news—A 99¢ Christmas in July sale! 

Are you enjoying the summer weather? I hope you’re taking advantage of all the Christmas in July sales this month—especially this one. Each Angel Creek Christmas Bride story is a stand-alone, but each is set in Angel Creek, Montana Territory, following the Civil War. The 99¢ sale is through Book Funnel. 

On Sunday, July 18, the 2020 books set in 1867 (including my book, MEG, book 20) go on sale for 99¢.

My story centers around a kind-hearted heroine. While traveling to meet her groom, she accepts responsibility for two children from their dying mother. The hero is a newspaper owner struggling to make ends meet and grow his newspaper sales . He doesn’t need two children underfoot. He needs a wife and helpmate, but he tries to be gracious. At least, he believes he is. Only when danger threatens his new family does he realize his priorities. 

We’ve continued the Angel Creek Christmas Brides series for this year. The books are available for preorder. Mine on Amazon is at AMY, book 25, will be released on December 10, 2021. Why not preorder now and give yourself a Christmas present? 

I've been surprised at how much variety is represented in this series. Of course, we authors are careful to coordinate with one another so we don't contradict or duplicate other stories.

Have a great weekend, and keep reading!


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