Saturday, April 29, 2023

Five-Star Reviews for LEVI!

By Caroline Clemmons

Thank you to those of you who have read LEVI AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, especially those who have left reviews. Here are some 5 star reviews:

This clean western romance about Maeve and Levi was amazing. I think Caroline Clemmons is a really talented author and I will buy anything she writes. This book is one of my favorites! Levi and The Mail Order Bride was such a interesting book. It had so many twists and turns you had to keep reading to find out what happened. The ending was so wonderful and it left you with a happy feeling. Buy this book you will really enjoy it. I can’t wait for the next book!

Great story of Levi and Maeve. Maeve agrees to be a mail order bride but when she arrives she refuses to marry or go with the man who sent for her. Levi rescues her and repays the men. She then proceeds to servitude to him for repayment. When the town folk start spreading rumors, they must seek a suitable conclusion. Just when everything seems to be working out, a desperate situation occurs. Will these two be able to have a future together?
Maeve goes west after working in a factory and living with her sisters family in a New York City tenement .She gets to her destination to find her groom lied and he tries to force her to do as he wants.She fights him and runs away to be saved by the town blacksmith Levi Iverson.
Levi saves a young lady named Maeve from three brothers, when she came to town as a mail order bride. She discovered she had been deceived as all three were going to “share her”…

Maeve was a strong lady and Levi admired her. However, was he ready to marry?
I enjoyed the book! It was interesting to see how Maeve and Levi realized there were in love. There was some drama and excitement in the book. The book is standalone even though it is a part of a series. I recommend reading this boo

Love this author and this book didn’t disappoint! Characters were well developed and you could visualize them as you read. The story had warmth, love and care for community and one’s personal faith and encourage of self and others. Hope this series continues!
Levi & Maeve have a interesting beginning, I do love a happy ending / love story, really enjoyed this one! I enjoyed Claudia’s storyline as well and how it ended up for her. Levi is a good human, love him.

Heart warming, happy ever after. Caroline Clemmons has long been one of my favorite authors.. I needed a story to lighten my day. A lovely story.
This is a fun story that will draw you in and you don’t stop reading. Some of the conversations seem so real.

Mail order bride Maeve arrived in Texas only to make a quick escape from three unscrupulous men and hide in Levi's shop. There in begins the start of their quest. A good story.

I truly enjoyed every minute of this book! Caroline Clemmons once again wrote a fantastic page turner! Now I have to sit on pins and needles and wait for the next book!
I highly recommend this book! Congratulations to Caroline Clemmons for a job well done!

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