Friday, April 14, 2023


By Caroline Clemmons

Surely each of us has memories that stand out as magical. Some are of things I’ve read. Others are of those I’ve experienced. Those times that take away my breath.

One of those is a decade or more ago when we lived in a rural area west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. On the evening news, the meteorologist announced that Northern Lights were visible from some of the area. Hero and I walked outside and were amazed. I don’t remember the meteorological explanation. The Northern Lights were visible—probably not in the full expanse as in the Scandinavian countries, but enough to surprise and delight us. Magic.

I didn't think I'd ever get 
to see the Northern Lights

When our parents were alive, we made what seemed like a gazillion trips to visit them in Lubbock in West Texas. What would have been creepy to many, but fascinated us, was the migration of Texas Brown Tarantulas we saw on one trip. Apparently this is an annual event for the male tarantulas to go to the local tarantula bars and strike up an acquaintance with a female tarantula. We were driving home when suddenly, dozens and dozens of tarantulas rushed from one side of the road to the other. One, I had no idea there were that many tarantulas living there or in any one place. Second, I had no idea they migrated singly or in droves. I still marvel we were able to see this occur. Magic.

I wonder what a tarantula's
pick up line is?

My favorite moment occurred on another trip. As we drove from Snyder toward Post on Highway 84, a beautiful mirage appeared. Ahead of us was a the impression of the Rocky Mountains. The details were perfect—crevices, snowline, peaks, etc., appeared as if we were driving straight toward them. I had read of this type of mirror image, but this was the only time I’ve seen it. If you know West Texas topography, you know that it is basically a flat tableland with arroyos, rivers, and ravines. NO mountains. Yet, here they were, looking as if we were in Colorado. We watched them for miles until—sadly—the image gradually began to soften, blur, and fade. Neither of us has forgotten that event. Magic.

Mirror Mirage

Another type of magic is electronic. When I see a favorite author has a new book for preorder, I select it. By release date, I’ll have forgotten. Having it show up on my Kindle automatically. Magic. 

Ah, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Yes, I have a new book coming April 21. LEVI AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE is up for preorder now on Amazon. Here’s the link:

ORDER HER. He only came to
her rescue because of his good

Stay safe and keep reading!

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