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 By Caroline Clemmons

Are you looking for the perfect short summer read? I recommend THE MAN IN GULL COTTAGE for a contemporary delve into a sweet, fun, happily-ever-after story set on Last Chance Beach.

Bestselling suspense author C. H. Logan, using his real name of Carter Harte, values his privacy and anonymity so much that no one on the island knows what he does for a living. He stays in his beach home year around and only visits his condo in the city when he has business there. People on the island consider him the eccentric man in Gull Cottage. 

Zara Webb has come to vacation on the island with her long time best friend. For two weeks, they’ve rented Sea Oats Cottage just up the beach from Gull Cottage.  Zara has a difficult decision to make and has two weeks to reach a conclusion. She’s weighing whether to accept the major promotion she’s been offered that would mean losing any chance of a personal life or remaining in her present job knowing the promotion would never be offered again.

Carter believes he’s impervious to tourists—until he meets Zara.   

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Here’s an excerpt from THE MAN IN GULL COTTAGE:

He cleared his throat. “This part of the beach is private.”

She paused and stared at him. “What part?”

He jerked a thumb in the direction from which she’d come. “See the three round wooden pillars? That’s where my land starts.”

She turned and shielded her eyes with her hand. “Oh, I thought those were to keep people from driving their cars on the sand.”

“That, too, but one has a large sign that says Gull Cottage and Private Beach. That should have been a clue.”

She held up a kid’s plastic sand pail. “Are you saying I should return these shells I’ve collected for my niece?”

“I’m saying you’re on private property. I don’t care if you collect sea shells, but I’d appreciate you not disturbing anything else.”

“Like what? You think I’m coming up to rob your house? Wait, what if I took a clump of sea oats? Or a handful of your sand? Are you patrolling?”

He extended his hand palm out. “Don’t get mad at me when you’re the one trespassing. I meant collecting drift wood and sea glass or destroying sand dunes. I’m simply out here walking on my beach.”

She straightened her shoulders and looked at the barrier. “Well, see that you don’t walk on that side of those posts.”

“Ah, but I will and I can do so legally.” He gestured broadly. “The beach where you’re staying is public. This part is private. See the difference?”

“No, I don’t see the difference. It’s the same sand.”


I hope you’ll read and enjoy this story. Have a great week and keep reading!

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