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The Cliff Diver by Karissa Knight



 How far would you go for love?  

The Cliff Diver

Mina’s Choice Book 3

by Karissa Knight

Genre: Romantic Suspense

A perfect blend of sexy romantic suspense and heart-pounding action, The Cliff Diver delivers thrills galore. The characters are heroic, but human. The settings are frighteningly exotic. Most of all, the book offers entertaining, but profound insights about what people need most of all. The overall package is five-star-worthy, and headed, I’m sure, for the big screen.—Saralyn Richard, author of the Detective Parrott Mystery Series


 Determined to protect Mina at all costs, Jonathon ventures to Greece, into the heart of danger to stop his enemy and ex-lover, Rory Bradford. Using his unlimited resources, he orchestrates the interception of a fentanyl shipment destined for the streets. When he disappears without a trace, Mina refuses to sit idly by as the man she loves faces peril.

Mina races to Greece, where she embarks on a relentless quest to find Jonathon. With unwavering determination, she delves into Rory's dark past, and uncovers her secret identity. Rory is the daughter of a transnational crime leader, and she has captured Jonathon. As Mina navigates the treacherous waters of international crime, she joins forces with a team of Jonathon’s highly trained, and resourceful friends. Together they fight against weaponized drones, guerilla attacks and time to rescue Jonathon from Rory’s prison.

In a perilous quest to secure a future with the man she loves, Mina discovers that she has the strength and fortitude to face her demons and bring Jonathon home.

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The Contract

Mina’s Choice Book 2

 Chicago’s hottest legal star is the lawyer of choice for wealthy offenders, but Mina’s courtroom victories increasingly conflict with her sense of right and wrong. When she can’t ease her guilt with her self-punishing extreme sport, she seeks to relieve it in other ways. Billionaire Jonathon Thomas Heun is happy to oblige as they take their relationship to the next level with Mina surrendering control and embracing her dark, dangerous desires.

As their lives intertwine in and out of the bedroom, past deeds haunt them both, catapulting them into the perilous territory of the Russian mob, money laundering, and blackmail. When Mina’s life is threatened, Jonathan’s secrets shake Mina’s trust in him, putting their relationship on uneasy ground.

Even if her enigmatic lover proves his loyalty and saves her, can Mina forgive him and accept his growing affection?

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The Client

Mina’s Choice Book 1

Previously published as Elements of Submission by Karissa Knight.

My new client has the wealth and power to make his own rules. As I’m drawn into his secret world of dark fantasies I must know: Is he a killer, or the man of my dreams?

Wilhelmina Green is the lawyer of choice for Chicago's wealthy offenders. Mina’s latest victory, the acquittal of a U.S. senator, has made her a media sensation. To the outside world she appears to have it all, but she’s still searching for a man with the strength to bring her dark fantasies to life.

CEO Jonathon Thomas Heun, a suspect in the death of his personal assistant, hires Mina to represent him. He slowly draws her into his seductive world of wealth and power as they investigate the murder. Despite her attraction to him Mina holds back, sensing Jonathon is keeping part of himself closed off from the world. And from her.

As the passion of their affair intensifies, Mina soon realizes her desires were just the beginning of an erotic dive into Jonathon’s lifestyle.

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 Karissa Knight loves to write sultry stories packed with dangerous characters and thrilling climaxes. She is a serial artist, an avid gardener, a classical musician, and author who lives in Wisconsin.

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Karissa Knight

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