Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Do your love a bargain as much as I do? I joke that I was born under the "Sale" sign. Okay, it was really Virgo, but I think Virgo's hand must have firmly grasped a "Sale" sign. Perhaps that's why I enjoy reading box sets.

Saving money is only one reason. The other is that I find new authors whose books I might never have found had I not read one in a boxed set. So, please allow me to tell you about a few box sets now available in which I have special interest. In other words, those in which I have a book or novella. Hey, you can't blame me for being partial, can you?

The latest boxed set is WILD WESTERN WOMEN. As I mentioned previously on a blog, this does not mean women who went wild, but Women who lived in the Wild West. These feisty heroines deserved the heroes whose love they gained. I am fortunate to be included with USA bestselling authors Callie Hutton and Kirsten Osborne as well as Amazon bestselling authors Sylvia McDaniel and Merry Farmer. This set contains my favorite of my novellas, because the heroine's mother is named after my mom's maiden name and the heroine after Mom's sister. For some reason, I couldn't help picturing my handsome father as the hero, making the book a sort of family venture. The link for Amazon is

MAIL-ORDER TANGLE is a duet by Jacquie Rogers and myself. We entered this venture because we enjoy one another's writing and thought we could work together. Each of us wrote an entire book, but it linked with the other's book. We chose cousins who end up married to sisters. My book is first, MAIL ORDER PROMISE. Jacquie's book is MAIL ORDER RUCKUS. Picture me smiling because Jacquie's books always make me happy. I'm proud of this duet set priced at only $3.99. The Amazon buy link is

Another box set that is such a great bargain is 10 TIMELESS HEROES. Sky Purington and Skhye Moncrief put this group together. Again, I am fortunate to be included with some of my favorite authors. Sky Purington, Skhye Moncrief, Beth Trissel, Donna Michaels, P. L. Parker, Nancy Lee Badger, L. L. Muir, Bess McBride, Linda LaRoque, and me. Over $25 worth of books for only $1.99, and you'll have many hours of pleasurable reading on your Kindle or other e-reader. The Amazon link is 

And in case you are looking for a Christmas story, please keep in mind my Christmas novella, STONE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS. This is set in North Central Texas' Palo Pinto Mountains and is part of the Stone Mountain series. Celia hatches a plan to bring the spirit of Christmas back to Radford Falls. She hopes doing so will add joy back in her life. Eduardo wants Celia in his life and will do whatever makes her happy. Ah, but the course of true love is never smooth, is it? The Amazon buy link is:

Dear readers, if you take advantage of these bargains, you will have reading material all through the holidays--depending on how fast and how often you read. And maybe you'll discover a new favorite author. Oh, but please still consider me a favorite author too. You know I ♥love ♥ readers!

Let me know which of the box sets is your favorite.

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