Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Happy New Year! I hope you are ready for a wonderful new year filled with possibilities.

What’s on your agenda for January? Do you have goals for the month—or the year? I am blessed to be looking forward to an exciting month and belief in the coming year.

This week I’m finishing up a family book on my father’s family and lateral lines for which my brother and I have been gathering information and photos for longer than I will admit. We have hundreds of photos to go along with seemingly endless details about the family. Many of the photos are borrowed, so my relatives will be thrilled to have them returned. I will too. I hate being responsible for borrowed items of any kind. I’ll also be relieved to have this non-fiction (maybe with a few family tales) work completed and published so I can move forward to fiction.

What timing! Next week, my three plotting co-conspirators and I are going on a three-day, two-night plotting escape, hopefully to get three books plotted for each of us. We don’t plan to leave the house we’ve rented for the entire time so we can work long days. Yes, we really do work, although there’s an abundance of laughter along with our productivity. Perhaps the laughter even heightens our productivity. Who knows? At any rate, we can work long hours in our sweats or jammies if we wish with no one to disturb our concentration.

We'll bring plotting boards and sticky notes and laptops and ideas. Now please don’t think—as someone did—that we write one another’s books. Nope, we just throw out ideas and keep each other on course as each person plots her book. Brainstorming, where four heads truly are better than one. It’s a system we learned first from Robin Perini and Laura Baker in their “Story Magic” workshop. Now we have fine-tuned the process to fit our styles and needs.

Late in the month, with any luck I’ll be releasing WINTER BRIDE, the next in my Stone Mountain Texas series. Sheriff Butch Parrish is the hero of this book, and I love the guy. Of course, all my heroes’ good points remind me of my Hero.

Don’t forget I’m giving a gift card at the end of each month to one person who left a comment on this blog during the month. Each time you comment is another entry. Good luck!


Karen H said...

Happy New Year! And try not to have too much fun during your group plotting sessions!

Caroline Clemmons said...

We can't have too much fun, can we?

loves6cats said...

What a great idea for getting ideas for your stories. Sounds like something everyone could do once in a while for lots of aspects of their life, like, maybe a brainstorming session for raising teenagers!!

Somerville55 said...

Happy New Year to you too. Your brainstorming sessions sound like a great way to get together and share all kinds of ideas. Have a blast!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!! May it be the best!! :-)