Wednesday, June 10, 2020


By Caroline Clemmons

This is an exciting time in my writing. I have many projects in the works and want to share a few with you. The rest of 2020 is filled with book launches and 2021 has numerous titles already scheduled. Of course, as well as being available in e-book and in print, all my titles are free in Kindle Unlimited.

The closest release will be at the end of next week on the 19th when I publish AN AGENT FOR JUDITH, book 79 in The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series. In fact, you can preorder this one now and it will show up on your e-reader magically on release day. AN AGENT FOR JUDITH required a lot of research but I enjoyed it. Hero and I love northern New Mexico. Writing about the area was hard work, but also a pleasure. Virginia McKevitt did the cover for this title. I wish my hair were like the model's. I wouldn't mind looking like her either. In case you want to preorder AN AGENT FOR JUDITH, click 

July 1-July 31 is Christmas in July, sponsored by Cheryl Wright. She’s an Australian author who writes the Old West as well as if she had lived there. She’s also an incredibly nice person. She’s rounded up a slew of bargains for your summer reading.

On July 7 DESPERATE IN DELAWARE, book 11 in the Yours Truly: The Lovelorn Series, will be released. This is a column in the tradition of an early Dear Abby column. People write in and The Lovelorn offers advice. Mina Stapleton goes west to visit her cousin and, hopefully, meet a husband. Austin is glad to have a wife, but his legal battle against his neighbor keeps him on edge. Winning against the neighbor is the only way to save his cattle and his ranch. DESPERATE IN DELAWARE is now available for preorder at

August 4 is the date a Secret Project will release… shhhh, it’s a surprise for later!

August 18 will be the release date for LOUISIANA BRIDE, book 12 in the North and South Series. This book takes place in 1862. While the Civil War rages, people still find romance. Phoebe Boudreaux and two of her friends aid Captain Cody Claiborn's escape before he’s sent to a Union prison. How could bringing food to those who need it be criminal? Although he willingly goes with them, he lectures them on the dangers of treason for their part in his escape. But, can they get him to safety and then to his ship before they're caught?

CHARLOTTE’S CHALLENGE, Golden Legacy Series, will release September 18. That puts the callous descendant of a pirate in the clutches of a desperate widow close to losing her ranch. Charlotte Dunn surprises herself when she finds an injured man who appears to have amnesia. A woman will concoct quite a story when faced with losing her livelihood and the ranch her late husband worked so hard to found. With a case of amnesia, Brett Craig has no choice but to believe the lovely widow and her children. After her stern lecture that this is the only time they can lie, her stepchildren help her trick this man into helping them. His soft hands soon have blisters. Is he on the way to being reformed?

There are more releases coming your way. If you haven't followed me on BookBub, please do so. You'll be notified when I have a new release. Here's the link:

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