Friday, October 21, 2022


By Caroline Clemmons

To celebrate new covers for my popular Bride Brigade Series, JOSEPHINE, book one, is now 99¢ at Amazon! 

Here’s the url:

Everyone deserves a makeover once in a while, even a fictional heroine. So, Charlene Raddon at Silver Sage Book Covers created beautiful new covers for the seven ladies of the Bride Brigade. I hope you’ll agree the covers are irresistible. If you haven’t read this acclaimed sweet historical western series, here’s your opportunity to read the first book at a bargain price.

The remaining six books are only $2.99 in ebook, and are also in print and are FREE through Kindle Unlimited. I set the paperback at the lowest price allowed by Amazon. Now, Amazon has put two on sale, Prudence and Cassandra.

The bachelors of Tarnation, Texas threaten to leave unless marriageable women come to town. Wealthy widow Lydia Harrison and her friend Sophia Gaston go to Richmond, Virginia, where Lydia was raised. Lydia interviews young women who respond to her newspaper notice, but not everyone is accepted. The seven girls travel to Tarnation and live with her until they find a husband. She gives receptions, dances, and dinners so the women can meet the suitable bachelors she has invited to participate. Each story is different, but most of the characters get at least a mention in the other books. Here are the books and summaries:

Book 1, JOSEPHINE Josephine Nailor has good reasons not to trust men, especially those who hold an office. She isn’t even certain she wants to marry, but takes a job assisting the owner of the mercantile.

The series url is


Book 2, ANGELINE Angeline Chandler was the victim of a lecher forcing her, who abandoned her when he learned she was pregnant. Instead of sympathizing with her, her parents evicted her from their lives. After Lydia literally saves her, Angeline goes to work taking care of the recently widowed minister's toddler son.

Book 3, CASSANDRA Cassandra Bradford was once wealthy, but circumstances changed and she endured the humiliation of working as a servant in her former home. She keeps the pain a secret, but  vows she will marry a wealthy man or remain single. *Amazon has put this paperback on sale for $3.81, and I don’t know why they have done so or why the price is such an odd number. They practically own the world, so they can do as they wish. I have to admit I do most of my shopping with them.

Book 4, OPHELIA Ophelia Shipp is the most spiritual and sweetest of the seven girls. She has difficulty letting go of her overzealous father’s teaching—after she heals from the last beating he gave her before she left home.

Book 5, RACHEL Rachel Ross has been betrayed and framed for something she did not do. Her family asks her to leave because her presence is an embarrassment. She finds a job with former Pinkerton Agent turned freighter.

Book 6, LORRAINE Lorraine writes stories and sells them under a pseudonym. She longs to find a man who will admire her writing ability and also her. In Tarnation, she finds a job assisting the newspaper owner. But he believes only men can write “real” news.

Book 7, PRUDENCE Prudence Lynch left her home after her grandmother died. Folks there labeled her a witch—except when they needed her folk healing to help them or her midwife skills to deliver a baby. She plans to continue her folk healing and midwifery, hopefully with more acceptance. She and Lydia are kidnapped. *Amazon has put this paperback on sale for $4.87, surprise to me.


There you have a very brief summary. If you’ve already read these books, please tell me who your favorite heroine was. Who was your favorite hero?


In the meantime, please don’t forget to read GENTRY AND THE MAIL ORDERBRIDE  Rancher Gentry McRae marries a woman his late partner willed to him.

and JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. Sheriff Jesse Cameron marries a woman on the run.

Right now, I’m writing the book about Quinn McRae, Gentry’s younger brother.

Stay safe and keep reading! 

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