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Paul Madison P.I.: Paul Madison Book 1 A Cozy Mystery Short Read (Paul Madison A Cozy Mystery Short Read) by Sharon Michaels

Paul Madison P.I.:  Paul Madison Book 1 A Cozy Mystery Short Read (Paul Madison A Cozy Mystery Short Read)
by Sharon Michaels

Book Blurb: 

Travel back to Chicago in the 1970’s and 1980’s and step into the lives of… 
* A handsome and determined Private Investigator protected by a rather unique spirit guide. 
* A smart and beautiful Medical Examiner who won’t give up until she uncovers the deadly truth. 
* A family of pizza baking mobsters who will stop at nothing to defend their criminal empire. 
A short read cozy filled with mystery, romance, and a touch of magic. 
This is the story of Paul Madison PI, an idealistic cop turned private investigator. He will not rest until he figures out the real reason so many “accidents” are happening in his neighborhood. To his way of thinking these “accidents” are too coincidental and need to be taken seriously. 



Quote from Paul Madison P.I. 

It was the kiss at the end of a long night reviewing police and autopsy reports that had him whistling as he walked toward his car. That kiss! Sweet, loving, and passionate all at the same time. He was head over heels in love with his Katie O’Brien.  

Paul was so distracted, he didn’t hear the footsteps coming up behind him. As he reached for his car keys, he felt the cold metal barrel of a gun against the back of his head.  

“Keep your nose out of this. Next time you’ll have an accident right between the eyes if you know what I mean. Tell your doc girlfriend we’re watching her.”  

When Paul turned, he saw the figure of a tall lean man running around the corner. Maybe it was adrenaline pumping through his veins, but he could have sworn the man was being chased by Max.  

With his heart pounding, he looked over at Kathleen’s apartment window. It was dark. He’d let his guard down and it almost cost him his life. That would never happen again. It was a stupid rookie mistake and Paul Madison was no rookie. 



Author Bio: 

* Short, Sweet Cozy Mysteries 
* Keeps You Guessing Stories 
* Smart, Mature, Believable Characters 

Bestselling author Sharon Michaels writes sweet, clean, and fun cozy mystery short reads about mature, smart women who know how to enjoy life. Small towns, close friends, a hint of romance, and a fur-baby or two makes solving mysteries fun and exciting. 

Today I happily write in the cactus filled desert of the southwest United States. My extremely supportive husband and I love exploring the beauty of our country. As I travel I write fun and interesting things in my notebook so I can share these memories with you in stories and books. I have an exclusive reader’s group on Facebook – Chatting with Sharon where I post fun and interesting things daily. 


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