Friday, October 14, 2022


Who was your hero when you were a child? Of course, my father was my hero, but Roy Rogers was my constant companion—in my imagination. I don’t know when I saw the first movie starring Roy Rogers, accompanied by the Sons of the Pioneers. When neighborhood kids played, I always demanded asked to be Dale Evans so I could ride the range with Roy.

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

With my friend Lance pretending to be Roy, we rounded up rustlers and bank robbers and kept the Old West safe. Of course, we didn’t realize it was the Old West and that times had changed. In fact, I planned to grow up and marry Roy—who miraculously would still be the same age—I guessed he was as old as 20 or 25.   

You may be laughing and/or rolling your eyes, but I have dozens of friends who felt as I did. One friend and her husband even sing “Happy Trails” on their answering machine message. I was heartbroken when I got old enough to realize that (1) Roy was older than 25, and worse, (2) he hadn’t waited for me, but was married to Dale Evans and they had a family. Ah well, at least Dale was a great person.

America's Sweethearts

Thanks to a great teacher named Miss Huff, that’s when I turned to reading. First with NAncy Drew and then expanding my selections. She encouraged me to broaden my mind and try writing. I hope she had a wonderful, prosperous life.

I never went through the rock star or movie star fan stage. I was too busy reading. I loved going to movies, but didn’t fall for any of the stars. I was carried away by the beautiful clothes and the settings.

Now, I have a new hero, my sweet husband, who I call Hero. He doesn’t ride a horse (although he has on occasion), but he loves me and treats me like a princess. What more could I ask?

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Stay safe and keep reading. Happy trails to you! 

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