Friday, October 07, 2022


By Caroline Clemmons

Welcome Sheriff Jesse Cameron as our guest today, the hero of JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. Jesse, thank you for agreeing to our interview.

Thank you, ma’am. I’m honored to be invited, though I dinnae ken why your readers would be interested in the Harrigan County Sheriff.  

I know you’re a Texas sheriff, but I detect an accent in your speech. Would you tell us from where you’ve come?

Aye, I came from Scotland. First, I worked as an indentured sailor for 7 years to pay for my passage to America. I started my indentured service at 14—almost 15—because I could pass for 18, you ken? I was tall for my age.

An indentured sailor sounds hard. Did you like life on a ship?

Nae, I hated every day, but I'd given my word to work 7 years. I never break my word, you ken? A man's word is his honor. I wanted to come to America, and didnae have the money for the fare. This was the only way I could manage to get here.

What was life like growing up in Scotland?

My family lived on a farm not far from Kelso. We raised sheep. Mum also had chickens and a few goats for milk. She made and sold her goat cheese. We also had a couple of cows. You can tell I didnae escape caring for the animals. We lived in a small cottage, but we enjoyed one another. I had a grand time growing up. I didnae mind working with Da on the farm, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.

Your leaving must have upset your parents.

Aye, they worried about me leaving so young. Mum and Da are great parents who understood my wish to leave and live in America. In fact, they will join me here after my Gran dies. She’s a grand lady, so no one is eager for that day to come.

What brought you to send for a mail order bride?

Several months back, I helped fight a grass fire on a local ranch. Volunteers barely saved the house, but much of the grass and some cattle were destroyed. A couple of people collapsed from the heat and stress. If not for a sudden downpour, more would have been lost, including men exhausted from fighting the fire. The sudden danger presented to so much land and so many people reminded me how fleeting life could be. I evaluated my life and realized it was time to settle down. I bought a house and sent for a bride. My best friend is my deputy, and he decided to send for a bride from the same matchmaker. Turned out our brides are cousins.


That sounds like a good result. Are you each pleased with your bride?

Aye, the plan worked out grand. My bride, Rosalin, is beautiful, regal, intelligent, and works hard to please me. I couldn’t be happier—except I feel like there’s something she’s hiding from me. I haven’t worked out what it could be, and she insists there’s nothing. She brought her nephew, who’s 8. He’s a good boy, but he has a lot of nightmares. My deputy is sure pleased with his bride, who is a pretty chatterbox.

Oh no, I dropped my list of questions. Pardon me while I gather them.

Ma’am, I appreciate you having me here today, but I have to get back to work. Tell your readers if they’d like to learn more about me, check out my story in JESSE AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE at Amazon.


The Medina River near Harrigan Springs. Texas

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