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A Bride for Luke: The Proxy Brides Book 36 by Caroline Clemmons

A Bride for Luke: The Proxy Brides Book 36
by Caroline Clemmons

Book Blurb:

Each is struggling to build a better life . . .
Two strong-willed people are bound to clash . . .
Danger forces them to focus on what is at stake . . .

Maeve Kelly came to America for a better life but found only signs that said No Irish Need Apply. When the cousin with whom she is staying leaves Boston, Maeve is left desperate. Her job at the laundry doesn’t pay enough for her to survive alone. Her friend suggests a way out, Maeve resists but finally accepts. What else can she do?
Sheriff Luke Sullivan is proud of his accomplishments. Known for his strong principles, he is admired and well-respected in the community. When he learns his mother and aunt have schemed to get him a proxy bride he’s furious. If he’d wanted a wife he would have found one. He respects and loves his mother and finally agrees to the marriage. Before he and his bride can adjust to one another, Luke is caught in the middle of an explosive situation between striking miners and the railroad.
Threats against Luke by each side have him fearing for the safety of his wife, mother, and aunt. He must resolve the strike to protect his family and many others. Will he succeed in time to save lives?

Strikes used to be very violent.  The companies would beat up striking workers, the workers would be up replacement workers (scabs), and people got killed.  Trying to mediate strikes put you in the middle and both sides could and would beat you up.  Luke and his family really were in danger.  See if he can keep everyone safe.

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