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Adeline: Cupids and Cowboys, Book 10 by Caroline Clemmons

Adeline: Cupids and Cowboys, Book 10
By Caroline Clemmons

Book Blurb:

Mix a woman in sorrow…A man’s longing…Two matchmaking girls’ mischief…Result-mayhem!  After the death of her fiancé, Violet Evanston escapes to the furthest teaching job she is offered. She loves the children and the community, but something is missing. As the second son, Clark Abernathy knows he won’t inherit the family business, so he’s happy to move to assist his uncle Abe with his carpentry business. Building for the future is fulfilling, but his personal happiness is incomplete. Adeline McGee and her best friend Nancy adore their teacher. They believe she’s far too kind and pretty to be alone. They’re also fond of Nancy’s cousin, Clark. When the fourteen-year-olds decide to play matchmaker, the town isn’t safe from fun, adventure, and happy every after.

Teachers could not be married women in the old West.  Men could be married, but when a woman got married she lost her job.  It was very unfair, but that was the way it was.  That meant if you really loved teaching, you had to remain a spinster.  Teachers had all kinds of morality clauses in their contracts and since they lived in housing provided by the town, they were watched like a hawk.  What a stressful way to live!

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