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Blessing: The Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series Book 2 by Caroline Clemmons

Blessing:  The Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series Book 2
by Caroline Clemmons

Book Blurb:

A heart sore woman fighting for her community; a rancher tracking stolen horses; the discovery that could destroy her happiness…

With the death of her father last month, Blessing Odell inherited the largest ranch in that part of Utah, the Rafter O. She goes by the nickname Buster and wears men’s overalls but they can’t disguise her regal beauty and natural grace. She is also generous to the community, which is why she’s splitting proceeds from the sale of 100 horses with the widows of Wildcat Ridge.

Thad King has tracked stolen horses to the Rafter O Ranch. He’s determined to capture and see punished the horse thieves who beat his former employer before stealing his horses. He is successful in being hired to work on the ranch, but he doesn’t want to believe Buster Odell or her father had anything to do with stealing horses.

What else can he believe unless he finds evidence to the contrary? Convinced of her father’s innocence, Buster implores Thad to work with her to discover the real culprit. Their quest leads them on a dangerous journey.

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